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Depression Anxiety Fear ...
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Overcome emotional and mental barriers of the past with renewed vision, strategies & beliefs.

Live a powerful and confident life.  All the power to change is within you, which ultimately empowers you, helping you to recognize your infinite potential.  PSYCH-K® works beyond affirmations, willpower and positive thinking.  It works at the deeper sub-conscious level of the mind, where our beliefs reside, and these beliefs are usually no longer serving us.

You don't even have to know what those sub-conscious beliefs are!  You just have to know what you do want in life.  How good is that!

I work with people to change limiting subconscious beliefs, thereby allowing you to make your own changes and facilitate the processes.


Give yourself relief from negative thinking and behaviour. Release grief, trauma and loss.

Do you want to make changes to help your life be easier?

  • We help with managing and overcoming...
  • Depression                  
  • Anxiety                         
  • Negative Thinking              
  • Negative Behaviour
  • Low Self-Esteem         
  • Confidence Issues         
  • Emotional Pain                   
  • Physical Pain
  • Stress                          
  • Work/Life Balance       
  • Self-Sabotage                     
  • Stressful Situations & Conditions
  • Grief/Loss                   
  • Relationships               
  • Health/Body                       
  • Fear
  • Trauma                      
  • Behavioural Issues       

Using the PSYCH-K®processes we can work together to aid in moving you through your subconscious beliefs and let you live a more inspired life.  PSYCH-K® is a set of protocols and processes that allow you to quickly and painlessly change subconscious limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living the full expression of your potential life.

PSYCH-K®is a non-invasive, interactive process of change, called a Balance, with a proven record of success for over 30 years.  Muscle testing is used as the primary communication method between the conscious and sub-conscious via the physical body.  It is simple, yet powerful, changing subconscious self-limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs.

Together we create an environment whereby your wisdom can be revealed and this is then integrated within the PSYCH-K® processes.  The many benefits of PSYCH-K® are limited only by one's determination to get to the root of a challenge.  While PSYCH-K® is fast, there is sometimes a gradual removal of layers that needs to take place.

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PSYCH-K® Facilitator

SASHA Spiritual Healer

Energy Healing - Reiki, Pranic Healing, Quantum BioEnergetic Balancing


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