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Your journey to health starts today. Let me assist you to overcome obstacles in your life.

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"One man's food is another man's poison". Finding the food that works for you is essential to good health. Be it an elimination diet to remove allergies, body ecology to restore health to the gut, or increasing fruits and vegetables for wellbeing and health, I can assist you to meet your nutritional goals.

I use a step-by-step process of introducing more healthy foods to 'crowd out' trouble foods over a period of weeks, rather than an all or nothing dietary approach. I also prescribe supplements when necessary to support health and wellbeing. I educate clients and teach them the skills to ensure long lasting results.

Nutritional therapy is an important part of preventative medicine and health care.

Health Coaching

As a health coach, I focus on nutrition, physical activity, relationships, lifestyle, and other elements of life that can affect health such as chronic illness, sleep, weight management, hormonal issues, digestive health, energy levels and feeling generally unwell. I assist you to overcome obstacles to changes in your life by listening, providing skills, support and education and to find solutions to make lasting life long changes in a step-by-step process. We journey together to discover what true health and wellness feels like. We work through goals, and identify obstacles and together create a plan of action. I empower you to focus on the present, I highlight your strengths and assist you to make immediate real lifestyle and behavioural changes as part of health maintenance, disease prevention and even where possible disease reversal. This increases health and quality of life for you. By being involved in the decision-making process, you are able to take responsibility for your goals and feel more invested in the program and outcomes.



I am so thankful to have Suzanne McKinnon as my health coach. I have been struggling with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue, and other health issues for the past 20 years. I have been treated by many health professionals, all to no avail. Following Suzanne's Health Plan for me, and with her encouragement and support, I am actually beginning to feel so much better. I feel very strongly that this is it, the answer I have been searching for all these years. It's not easy, I need to make some HUGE changes in my life, but I am feeling positive and I know with Suzanne's help I CAN DO THIS. 

Carol Raven

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