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Your Spirit Journey

Contact Name Courtney Jones
Address Newcastle NSW 2300
Servicing Areas Newcastle, Central Coast
Mobile 0422 595 556
Hypnosis is a powerful way to resolve undesirable behaviours and create positive changes to enhance health and well-being. It works directly with the subconscious mind to communicate clear and positive instructions for improving behaviour, releasing negative states and increasing effectiveness

Courtney Jones Hypnosis and Coaching

A hypnosis session or coaching program can be designed to work on any aspect of your life including health, relationships and career and incorporate positive suggestions and resources to move you towards your goals and desires.

This natural approach to self care and personal improvement empowers you to succeed in life with confidence, volition and a heightened sense of connection and well-being.

Balancing mind, body and spirit throughReikiand spiritual knowledgereleases blocked energy on all levels and increases peace and harmony so you can create the future you deserve and desire.

I work deeply with my intuition and guidance when working with clients to support them through change and transformation and have found this heart centred approach raises consciousness and connection for clients allowing them to realign with their inherent gifts and purpose.

I continue to expand my knowledge of natural remedies, healthful eating and spiritual awareness to bring balance and harmony to my work and personal life. My journey with these modalities of healing has triggered a profound transformation in my life and it is my honour and joy to share these techniques with you to move you towards the joyous and happy life you desire and deserve.


  • Reiki - $100
  • Attunements from $250

  • Spiritual Readings - $100

    • Neuro-Linguistic Programming - $200
    • Hypnosis - $200
    • Time Line Techniques - $200
    • Positive Breakthrough Program - $2,495

    Call today for more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment.

    Master Practitioner / Trainer Hypnosis
    Master Practitioner Neuro-linguistic Programming
    Positive Psychology Coach

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