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Michelle Cose - Naturopath

Michelle Cose

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Making your steps to wellness simple & achievable

Michelle Cose - Naturopath


I am a passionate advocate of Health, Wellness & Natural Medicine. I have clinically consulted in North East Victoria since 1994 and now in Mount Isa Queensland and Online.

I have created Health and Wellness programs for thousands of clients, formerly as a director of the North East Natural Health Centre, Specialised Naturopathic Services and now Your steps to Wellness. I have written media articles and lectured online & overseas on Wellbeing.

I have a passion for helping people find happiness and feel their best.

By just changing one thing - your weakest link, you are on the path to wellbeing. I advocate practical, achievable healthy lifestyle changes and take a non-fanatical approach to wellbeing. I want your body ultimately to be stronger and more resilient. I want the changes you make for your wellbeing to last.

From Your Naturopath - Michelle Cose

Genuine advice - Positive & Confident direction

I have created health and wellness programs since 1994 for thousands of clients- people just like you! Some who had never ever known about what Natural Medicine could do and others who wanted to fine-tune their wellbeing and just feel better. The human body is remarkable and complicated, but its needs are simple. I love most to make the path to wellness so easy and simple with small steps that anyone can do. My advice is always to just change one thing - your weakest link. Then the journey has begun. I am there to guide you step by step...Lets begin...

NES provision body scan the latest technology

The NES whole body scan device uses modern computer technology and body electronics to enable us to scan your body from head to toe. The scan will find changes within your body in the earliest stages and will also prioritise the order of the treatment. NEW!!! Now with remote capability - you can conveniently scan from your own computer and link your scan results via email directly to me.

Allergy/food intolerance testing

Using blood spot pathology testing, I can test for allergic reactions to common foods and drinks. From here I create an individualised program to correct your problem and reduce the discomfort for the long term.

Standard & functional pathology testing & hair mineral analysis

I can authorise both standard pathology to test for illness and functional pathology to test for early signs of imbalance. Pathology gives a benchmark of your starting health as well as how you have progressed on your health journey.

Iris diagnosis - iridology

The eyes are the window to your physical genetics, your emotions and your life purpose. Using advanced microscope and computer technology we explore this most unique part of the human body.

Find your illness

Do you have symptoms?

In order to get long-lasting wellness you first need to remove your weakest link. Browse this category to find your illness and message me on the contact page link so I can help you create a clear path to wellness. Every small step forward towards wellness makes your life easier and better!

Create wellness

Raise the bar to wellness

So you are not unwell! Great!

Here are the steps to help you raise the bar of your wellbeing to a whole new level. This "zest for life" approach creates more energy for every day and makes you stronger and that means that life just keeps getting better.

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Your steps to wellness has teamed up with some great partners who want to support your health journey. Enjoy rewards and discounts from these providers in our online store. We believe you deserve all the rewards just by looking after yourself.

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Michelle Cose - Naturopath