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Welcome to Your Wellness Centre

We aim to give you the gift of true wellness. Our wellness centre naturopaths is dedicated to helping you improve your health naturally.

Your Wellness Centre


We are deeply passionate about the work that we do and ensure that we remain up to date with the latest technology and techniques by attending local, interstate, and overseas courses and conferences. It is our aim to not only assist you to get better but to also educate and motivate you to always strive for good health.

We provide a range of personalised approaches to help that can treat a wide variety of conditions. We select from our wide range of modalities and design a treatment program that will be best suited to your requirements. Our individualised programs ensure that you reach your health goals.

Our practitioners practice what they preach, and this is reflected in our mission statement. You are “…helped to optimise your health potential and live your life to the fullest!”.


I highly recommend Glenda. She has helped me to regain my health. After 10 years of seeing other health professional without successful results. Naturopathy is not a quick fix, it does take a little while for the results, but (it’s) worth it. – Marjorie.

Thank you for all your help the last few months. As you know I am feeling better than I did before I came to see you. Your information both verbally and written have been very helpful to me and I have followed your guidelines extremely well. The natural remedies you have provided me with have helped me so much I don’t think I would be feeling as great as I am without them. Since coming to you I feel like I have woken from a sleep and I am living my life again, I have a lot more energy and stamina to things I never could. My stomach is heeling very well and I can feel all the differences as time goes on. Thank you once again for all your help! – Nicole.


To Glenda and the Wellness Clinic. I have been attending the clinic for seven months and with Glenda’s guidance I have experienced a remarkable improvement in my health. I am 65 years and have been under a high degree of stress for several decades. I recommend the de-tox program which is done over several months with great results. I feel better, have more energy and a much calmer approach to everyday situations. The taste of the “pills” may not be great but the results certainly are. – Dianne.

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Qualification details

  • Registered Naturopath - ANPA

  • Qualified Pharmacist

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Your Wellness Centre

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Your Wellness Centre

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Your Wellness Centre

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Your Wellness Centre

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