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Welcome to YouTopia Life Coaching

I strongly believe we all have a story, neither more important than the other. At times our stories may clash with another’s and we share a few sentences with each, a chapter or two, or rest of the book. In our story the most important aspect is that we live out our character as authentically and unfiltered as we can. Our aim is to get to the end of the book of our life having ticked off all of the chapters in a way that allows us to feel happy, accomplished, proud and having reaching our full potential.

‘YouTopia Life Coaching’ has grown out of my lifelong passion to help others to feel good about themselves. Having worked as a nurse as 25 years my career began with helping individuals from a mainly physical perspective, relieving their pain, healing their ills, and helping them to return to a state of wellbeing. In 2007, after the death of parents, my career shifted from the mainstream side of health to a holistic approach to wellbeing. My experience assisted me in the understanding of the impact of mental, emotional and spiritual imbalance on an individual’s physical health and ability to function throughout our daily lives. My knowledge, experience and training since that time in a range of complementary healing modalities has allowed me to help people back to health in a holistic manner.


"I can promise you, life coaching with Fiona will be one of the most positive experiences that you will reflect on and value throughout your life! Fiona is warm and encouraging and therefore instils in you the belief that you can achieve anything. She takes huge overwhelming goals and breaks them down into manageable steps, building shared accountably with her clients every step of the way. She equips her clients with skills that will assist them throughout their life. Life coaching with Fiona increases her clients self-awareness to assist them to achieve more in a day than they have previously. I would thoroughly recommend life coaching with Fiona to those who want to unleash their potential and work toward being all the can be."

Wayne Deeth, CEO, Future Achievement Australia Pty Ltd

Life is the ultimate game, and life coaching is about creating the best "game plan" for you.  Fiona guides you towards this goal with amazing clarity and insight.  I would recommend life coaching to anyone who is wondering if there is any more to life, because there is so much more, and Fiona will help you to find it.   

-  Narelle, Health Professional

"I have no doubt that Fiona Brown has something that we all want and that is insight to how we all connect with each other and the universe.  What I experienced with Fiona changed my life.  Fiona absolutely blew me away and gave me the strength to move forward. "

- Mark Rauter - previous sceptic. Qld.

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