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Yvette Allen

Yvette Allen

Servicing area: Hornsby, Waitara, Wahroonga, Warrawee, Turramurra, Dural, Galston NSW

Yvette Allen

Experienced and qualified counsellor, I know how to help you get results. Counselling can get results in many areas of your life. While counselling takes many forms, here are a couple of therapies that I have used with great success.

Yvette Allen - Counselling

Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt has humanistic and existential roots: the goal of Gestalt treatment is to empower individuals to carry on with an adaptable and inventive life free from patterns of fixed behaviour that can reduce self-growth and a sense of satisfaction in their lives. Gestalt treatment additionally energises self-awareness in relation to these fixed patterns, and includes an individual’s mind, body and spirit and culture.

Gestalt therapy concentrates on the process of (what is really happening) as opposed to content (what is being discussed). The accentuation is on what is being done, thought, and felt at the present minute, as opposed to on what was, may be, could be, or ought to have been. This is an extremely valuable treatment for managing stress. It is living right now.

Schema Therapy

Schema Therapy is an integrative approach to treatment that combines the best parts of subjective behavioural, interpersonal, experiential and psychoanalytic treatments into one brought together model. Schema Therapy has demonstrated noteworthy results in assisting people to change negative ('maladaptive') patterns which they have lived with for quite a while, even when different techniques and endeavours they have attempted before have been generally unsuccessful.

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