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Member since 2007

Serge Koreneff

Servicing area: Glebe, New South Wales

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Do you want more from your life, but find it difficult to create change. Some times you may need help. Together we can find and develop the resources that you need to create the change that you want.

Serge Koreneff

Do you feel that some things in your life are not working?
Do you think that you would like to change some of your behaviours that do not work for you?
Do you have a sense that there could be more joy and happiness in your life?
Do you just want to find out what it is that you want?

Would you like to feel supported, listened to and guided along the way?

I offer you the support and space to explore ways of getting more satisfaction from your life and more joy and happiness in your day to day experiences.

Why might you come to see me?

• Do you sometimes feel that it’s all too much; do you think you are in rut; are there days that you would just like to pull the covers over your head and stay in bed? Psychotherapy could help you to explore and change the ingrained patterns that keep you stuck where you are.

• Are you going through a separation and just don’t seem to have anyone to turn to talk about what you are feeling? Counselling can help you deal with the overwhelm that you are feeling and help you learn to adjust to these changes in your life with a greater sense of peace.

• Do you think that you can’t talk to your family or friends about the way you feel because they just wouldn’t understand? Having a supportive and non-judgemental ear can sometimes be all that you may need to resolve what is happening for you.

• Do you find it hard to tell your partner how you feel about them, or are you finding that you are growing apart? Counselling could help you really talk and listen to your partner and develop that satisfying relationship that you want.

• Are you stressed, not coping with your life or just always exhausted? Counselling could help you uncover the reasons why you are living life the way you do and allow you to transform your lifestyle and find some more space and time for yourself.

There may be many more reasons why you would come to see me, but whatever the reasons I can offer you the support and help that you may need to change the patterns in your life that are preventing you from experiencing the satisfaction and happiness in life that you desire.

I am a trained professional psychotherapist, I have been assisting people with a variety of issue for the past 5 years and I am also involved in personal development workshops. I provide short term or long term counselling and psychotherapy for individuals and I work within the ethical guidelines of the Australian Association of Somatic Psychotherapists which means complete confidentiality and professionalism for you at all times.

As a therapist, it is my intention to treat you as an individual and to provide you with the unique support that you may need for your personal issue.

My fees are $130 per 50 minute session. Parking is readily available and bus routes are close by.

Please contact me to make an appointment or to ask me any questions.


If you call me on 0415 708 825 and mention this web page, I will offer you your first session for half my usual fee to start you on your way.

My Best Wishes

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Diploma of Contemporary Somatic Psychotherapy
Associate Member AASP

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Serge Koreneff