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Zen Thyme Healing

Suzanne Davies

Glengowrie SA 5044

Servicing area: Glengowrie SA

Zen Thyme Healing

Suzie experienced firsthand how effective these techniques are - she switched to Reiki when she was struggling with an auto-immune disease.

Reiki Master, Seichim & Karuna Practitioner

About Zen Thyme Healing 

Zen Thyme Healing was founded by Suzie Davies, a Glengowrie, SA-based company providing a variety of soothing therapy practices. Suzie has a desire to support people from all walks of life, resolve challenges, and achieve a proper balance of energy within the body. You’ll be able to enjoy a soothing and enjoyable atmosphere in Suzie’s skilled, trained possession. 

Suzie has practiced a number of other healing methods, including chakra and crystal healing and is a Reiki Master, Seichim and Karuna practitioner. Such therapeutic approaches are based on the idea that everything is intertwined within the body. After she was bedridden with an autoimmune disorder, she switched to Reiki and discovered first hand how strong such modalities can be. These methods have allowed her to get away from pain medication and to encourage her to resolve other challenges with her own life. Suzie will be able to determine the best methods for relaxing and recovery from pain, anxiety or depression, depending on your specific criteria. Based on her own circumstances, Suzie’s strategies will help clients with sadness, sickness, anxiety and depression and many more challenges, and improve their health and wellness. 

Suzie is suitable for all ages and races and has a strong desire to help children deal with their problems to become content at a later stage.

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