What is Feng Shui?

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice in which environmental energies are harnessed to improve health, finances, relationships and your overall wellbeing. Feng shui literally translates to wind and water, two elements that can improve all aspects of your life when used accordingly.

Feng shui focuses on tapping into the vibrational energies of nature's five elements to obtain a better flow of energy within your home. The alignment of these elements must be based on your primary purpose to achieve harmony. According to the feng shui masters, you can benefit loads from this practice if you do it with a specific purpose in mind.

Feng Shui Online in Australia

What Are the Five Elements of Feng Shui?

Using the five elements of nature in your home will balance the flow of energy throughout each space or room, thus attracting optimism, joy, good health and abundance. Note that these five elements should work as a unit as opposed to separately, to achieve harmony in your home.

  1. The wood element symbolises personal development and is represented by plants and trees.  
  2. Water represents money and wealth, so a clean pond or an aquarium is worth having in your home.
  3. The fire element symbolises power, passion and determination. Placing a candle or a lampshade in your home can improve the Qi around it.
  4. Mountains, rocks or any landforms represent earth, and it’s associated with security and constancy. The rocks in your garden or your collection of gemstones may be incorporated into your home arrangement.
  5. Metal is associated with mental clarity and concentration, which are vital to your overall health and wellness. The door handles, gilding on furniture pieces or the metal frame of your artwork will all come into play in feng shui.

What Are the Benefits of Feng Shui?

Practising feng shui creates balance in your life because your home and its residents get to interact harmoniously with the energies of the environment. This harmonious relationship leads to the following:

  • Good physical health
  • Loving relationships
  • Career advancement
  • Wealth
  • Joy and contentment
  • Mental soundness

These benefits can be easily obtained through an online feng shui consultation since the modality doesn't require physical contact with the practitioner. That means you can forget about beating the traffic, hunting for a parking slot and braving the traffic once again on your way back home. You can simply book an appointment with a feng shui master from the comfort of your home through the Zoom videoconferencing platform.

How Does Online Feng Shui Work?

Besides interacting with a feng shui master through your computer monitor, the only difference between online feng shui and a face-to-face consultation is that you can get immediate results with the former with zero waiting time.

To ensure a seamless feng shui session, you need to have a reliable internet connection, the Zoom application installed onto your computer and a webcam since the feng shui master will have to evaluate your home to determine the flow of Qi from the five elements.   

What Can You Expect From Online Feng Shui?

During your online feng shui session, the practitioner will ask questions about your purpose for seeking consultation. Your answers will serve as their guide for determining the alignment of the rooms and items representing the five elements. 

The feng shui master may also need to ask when your birthday is so that they can align you with the vibrational energies in specific areas of your house. Connecting with the natural elements of the environment in a systematic way is key to creating a home with positive energy and look so that you can live comfortably in it. 

An online feng shui consultation can last an hour, but you will need a series of follow-up sessions for at least two months to obtain permanent results.