Best Energy Healers in Glenside SA

Amanda Faerie

Blue Fire Reiki and Meditation

Norwood, SA, 5067

Member since 2012

Reiki Healing Therapy for Animals & People. Experience Blissful Reiki and Spiritual healing for yourself and your animals.

Chakras Psychic development Chakra balancing Complementary Bodywork Anxiety Behaviour problems Nerve damage Asthma Health issues

Quiet Minds Counselling


Norwood, SA, 5067

Member since 2021

Hello, my name is Alison and I am a qualified counsellor. I provide counselling for adults and adolescents both online and in my private, discreet room in an office just outside of Adelaide's CBD. I genuinely believe that people have the capacity to change, given the right support. Please reach out so that I can help you lead the life you want to live. You do not have to suffer alone anymore.  

The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP) Trauma therapist Acceptance & commitment therapy (ACT) Anxiety Depression Food cravings Eating disorders Mental health Self-esteem Self-confidence


Lifeforce health solutions - Physiotherapy, Massage

Norwood, SA, 5067

Member since 2007

Lifeforce health solutions offers you a range of body therapies all under one roof! Call to book for Physiotherapy and Massage.

Insomnia Motivation Infections Facial rejuvenation Biomechanics Thrush Lifestyle Guided visualisation Bloating Obesity

Melissa Merrett

Body Sync Bowen Therapy Adelaide

Norwood, SA, 5067

Member since 2008

Bowen Therapy, Kinesiology, Massage: Remedial, Therapeutic, Relaxation, Pregnancy massage, Lymphatic drainage, Nutrition, Weight...

Feet Aches & pains Elderly Bedwetting Sporting performance Arthritis Stiffness Ankle pain Conception Joy

Trina Bailey

Trina Bailey Healing

Norwood, SA, 5067

Member since 2007

Trina Bailey invites you to experience the nurturing and restorative power of HOLISTIC REMEDIAL THERAPY, MASSAGE and COUNSELLING

Neck pain Nurturing Tension Trauma Well-being Neuroscience

Joanne Garner

Bioresonance Therapist & Nutrition Counsellor

Parkside, SA, 5063

Member since 2015

When the body is at its optimal frequency, it can repair and shield itself from the environment. BioResonance therapy corrects the body's frequency so you can live healthy, happy and stress-free. Contact Jo for a consultation so you can begin your healing process.

Clearing blocks Energetic medicine Personalised nutrition Family nutrition Chronic stress Stress Allergies Insomnia Food intolerance Viral infections

Claudio Pasquini

Sacred Healing Therapies

Glen Osmond, SA, 5064

Member since 2022

The safe and sacred space of a sacred healing therapies session offers you solace from the pressures and stress you may be dealing...

Intuitive energy healing Energy clearing Energy alignment Energy balancing Revitalizes energy Energy cleansing Energy blocks Overwhelm Energy Transformation

"A TOUCH OF ROSEMARY" - Massage Therapies

ENERGY HEALING THERAPIES - 'A Touch of Rosemary' The lightness of being.

Parkside, SA, 5063

Member since 2005

  Stressed? Long distance reiki and energy healing techniques. Hold true to LOVE.  

Movement Therapeutic massage Lower back pain Long term illness Hormonal imbalance Sciatica Acne Cleansing Bodywork Circulation

Annie O'Grady

Annie OGrady - Matrix Reimprinting with EFT

Malvern, 5061

Member since 2007

Matrix Reimprinting with EFT is now a worldwide therapy in its own right, with over 4,000 practitioners and international conferences

Memory Phobias Emotional wellbeing First aid training Dyslexia Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) Joy Learning difficulties Matrix reimprinting Overwhelm


Intuitive Bioelectric Massage Therapy

Unley, SA, 5061

Member since 2021

Are you suffering from unexplained pain, long term injury or spiritual/emotional imbalance?    

Fatigue Feet Emotional wellbeing Mantra Fears Suicide Energy Memory Love Anxiety

Sabine Whittlesea

Body & Soul Harmonics - Polarity Therapy & Somato Emotional Release

Hackney, SA, 5069

Member since 2009

Sabine is a fully qualified Polarity Practitioner and Massage Therapist.

Stress management Pregnancy support Neck pain Visceral manipulation Chronic pain Relaxation Self awareness Structural bodywork Back pain Energy

Toni Stevens

Reiki Energy Healing

Maylands, SA, 5069

Member since 2018

Reiki Energy Healing helps to create harmony and balance in body and soul. When we show signs of imbalance, illness or disease, it is caused by a blockage of energy in the chakras. A chakra is an energy centre in the body, each chakra is associated with certain emotions, thought patterns, organs and parts of the body. 

Fears Stress management Well-being Guilt Wellness Values Stroke Quit smoking Anger Emotions

Debbie Newman

Pure Mind Balance

Adelaide, SA, 5000

Member since 2021

PURE MIND BALANCE offers various holistic healing methods to help you live a more balanced, peaceful and purposeful life.  Using different modalities such as PSYCH-K®, Reiki, Energy Healing and Access Bars®, will greatly improve your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.   

Fears Emotional wellbeing Depression Anxiety Chakra balancing Trauma Subconscious Physical health Stress management Well-being

Crystal Grid Creations

Adelaide, SA, 5000

Member since 2021

Crystal Therapy, Energy Healing, Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Energy Healing Online, Spiritual Healing Online, Reiki Online

Telehealth Quantum healing

Maureen Winner.

Energy Healing

Adelaide, SA, 5000

Member since 2012

Experience gentle, calming energies that uplift your mood, rebalance, & revitalize you. This is your opportunity to feel different, with...

Insomnia Relaxation Energy work Phobias Weight management Hypnotherapist Fears Energy Joy Emotions

Milica Bilandzic

Milica Bilandzic - Bach Flower Essences

Adelaide, SA, 5000

Member since 2012

Milica Bilandizic combines her experience as a Certified Reiki Master, Teacher and Healer with her training in Bach Flower Remedies...

eDISC Spiritual awakening Chronic health issues Energy Distant healing Emotions Posture Stress management Self-development Tension

Lindy Poirier

Lindy Poirier Psychotherapist

Adelaide, SA, 5000

Member since 2008

Psychotherapist Improve Your Life Today!Experience Instant Relief & Significant Positive Gains!

Fears Anxiety Depression Phobias Panic attacks Mental health Stress management Control issues Dysfunctional relationships Weight issues

Angela Kirby

Angela Kirby - Reiki

Brompton, SA, 5000

Member since 2008

Looking for a professional Reiki Treatment in the greater Adelaide area? Then look no further than Angela Kirby in Brompton

Cleansing Tapping Relaxation Back massage Scoliosis Chakras Vision Emotional wellbeing Stress management Rehabilitation

Karen Degen

Set Free with EFT - Energy Psychology

Adelaide, SA, 5000

Member since 2014

Energy Psychology such as EFT brings therapy that would normally take years or months down to hours or minutes!

Sports performance Phobias Internal medicine Transformation Happiness Business performance Helplessness Anxiety Pain management Fears

Jane Nicholson Sancia Wellness

Jane Nicholson Natural Therapies

Adelaide, SA, 5000

Member since 2010

Healing Intuitive; Flower Essence Therapist; Classical Homoeopath; Naturopath; MindBody Wellness Coach; Intuitive Counselor;

Coaching Love Energy Lifestyle Essential oils Vitality Well-being Emotions Natural health Self-empowerment

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