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The following are URL links are to websites that we have sourced for each practice described, in accordance with the practice groups. has obtained information from some of these sites in order to provide you with the best and most accurate therapy descriptions.



Acupressures Potent Points by Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D, accessed at

"The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique" by Robert and Anne Rickover of Nebraska, USA, accessed at

Essential Elements, Canada, website

"Gems for Friends: Aromatherapy and Essential Oils" by Loretta Elaine (2003), accessed at

Body Talk Association, website

Bowen Association of Australia, website

The European College of Bowen Studies, UK, website

Bowen Association United Kingdom, website

The Craniosacral Therapy Association of the UK (2002), website

Hellerwork International, California, website

European Hellerwork Association, Scotland, website

Feldenkrais Educational Foundation of North America, website

Feldenkrais Resources, California, website

Australian Feldenkrais Guild Inc. (2003), website

Myofascial Therapy by Dr John.C.Lowe accessed at

"What is Myofascial Release" by Carol Manheim (2003), accessed at

Osteopathic Council, United Kingdom, website

America Academy of Osteopathy, wesbite

Australian Osteopathic Association, website

Reflexology Association of Australia (2003), website

Home of Reflexology (2002), website

The Rolf Institute (2003), USA, website

The Shiatsu Society (2004), United Kingdom, website

Natural Health

Life Fertility Program



Colour Therapy (2002), England, website

Crystal Healing by Julia Jablonski accessed at

Healing Touch International, Inc (1998), website

"What is Iridology" by Marion D Jones (2000), Texas, accessed at

International Iridology Practitioners (2003), USA, website

Kinesiology Connection (2004), Australia, website

Kinesiology Network, Sweden, website

What is Reiki?" by Mike Woodcock (1998), accessed at

The International Centre for Reiki Training, USA, website

Energy Clinic, UK, website

Meditation Centre, website

The Transcendental Meditation Program



Arbor Nutrition Guide, by Dr Tony Helman (2003),

Workouts For You (2004), website

Connective Tissue Massage: A revolution of fascial freedom by John Latz accessed at



Chinese Massage Therapy by Nick Hudis, accessed at

"What is Massage Therapy?" by Mike Woodcock (1998), accessed at

The American Massage Therapy Association, website

This information supplied by the Natural Therapy Clinic Ltd,, private practice founded by Kathy Lockyear, Southhampton

Northwest Therapeutic Centre (2002), Washington, website



The Pilates Studio, Pilates Inc (2004), website

The Pilates Institute of Australasia, Sydney, website

Classical Tai Chi (2003), New York, website

Institute of Thai Massage, website

Yoga Site, Inc (2002), website


Natural Therapies / Herbs

The Acupuncture Centre, Inc (2003), website

British Acupuncture Council website

Jiva Ayurvedic Research Institute, India, website

Ayurvedic Foundations (2003), website

Herb Trade Association. Definition of "Herb". Austin, TX: Herb Trade Association, 1977.

Alternative Natural Herbals, website,, by Karen Bergeron, USA

National Centre for Homeopathy, Virgina, website

The Society of Homeopaths (2004), UK, website

"Naturopathy Online" by Dr. Suzanne Lawton, accessed at


Other Generally Useful Sites

The Art and Science of Healthy Living: Therapies", accessed at, a site by Burton Goldberg (2003), California.

American WholeHealth Networks (2000), "Reference Library", USA, accessed at

Yahoo! Inc (2004), (2004), California, website

HealthWorld Online, Inc, California, website

The Holistic Guide, England, website