What is Massage Mobile Service?

A massage mobile service, also known as at-home massage or home visit, allows people to enjoy a massage wherever and whenever it is convenient for them, such as at work, in a hotel room, or at an event. With massage mobile services growing in popularity, busy people with limited time are able to book a relaxing or therapeutic massage whenever they want.

Providers of massage mobile services are fully trained in a variety of massage techniques, including Swedish massage, remedial massage, deep tissue massage, prenatal massage, hot stone massage and many more.

Mobile massage services in Townsville

What are the Benefits of Massage Mobile Service?

Massage mobile services have become very popular lately due to their numerous benefits. As well as the advantage of being more private than getting a massage at a massage clinic, you can book a massage session with your choice of massage provider without leaving your house, braving the heavy traffic and running the risk of arriving late at your appointment due to parking difficulties. Among the other reasons why this type of massage is so popular are:

  • Massage treatments can take place in your hotel room, at your office, or even by the beach
  • Massage mobile services add fun to any occasion like baby showers, birthdays or anniversaries 
  • You can enjoy a personalised experience
  • Due to no driving or commuting involved after treatment, you can sleep soundly after or during treatment

How Much Do Massage Mobile Services in Townsville Cost?

The price range for massage mobile services in Townsville is between $70 and 185, depending on the number of hours of treatment. The distance that a practitioner travels to get to their client's location, as well as the time of booking, will also influence the cost of the service.

How Many Massage Mobile Service Providers are There in Townsville? 

Research indicates that there are a significant number of massage practitioners providing massage mobile services within Townsville based on the total number of therapists in the city. As of 2015, Townsville had approximately 543 massage therapists. Some of them work for massage clinics, spas and fitness centres, while others work independently.

How Many Townsville Residents Use Massage Mobile Services? 

Statistics on the number of people in Townsville who use massage mobile services are currently not available. However, data provided by massage agencies as of December 2015 shows that, on average, they offer 23.65 massage hours every week, and about 300 people book massage mobile services each month.