Best Bioresonance Practitioners in Clovelly NSW

Natalia Varakina

Bio-Resonance Therapy & Homeopathy

Bondi Junction, NSW, 2022

Member since 2016

Hello, my name is Natalia, I am a homoeopath, nutritionist, herbalist and Bio-Resonance Therapy practitioner and I have been in practice for the last 16 years. My speciality and area of interest are skin problems and digestive disorders. Adding Bioresonance Therapy to my modalities changed the way I practice forever. Bioresonance Therapy, being an energetic treatment, is compatible and synergistic with many holistic modalities and has no known interaction...

Chronic health issues Psoriasis Skin problems Infections Natural health Well-being Chronic skin conditions Kidney stones Digestive disorders Restoration

Tania Novikova


Bondi Junction, NSW, 2022

Member since 2018

Energy Healing, Homoeopathy, Theta Healing, Bioresonance Therapy

Learn how your food, exercise, sleep & stress affects your health based on your glucose biomarkers.

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Chris Tsoutis

Allergies, Anxiety, Autoimmune Diseases, Cancer Care, Detoxification & Pain Management

Sydney, 2000

Member since 2004

We support your body's natural healing processes. Using the very best in medical advancements combined with a holistic therapies programme, we've helped make a significant difference in the quality of life for people suffering from chronic illnesses or disease.

Phobias Candida Optimal health Growth Insomnia Feet Body sculpting HIV Inflammation Hypnotherapist

Paulien Gort

White Raven Healing - Bioresonance Frequency Healing

Sydney, 2000

Member since 2012

Bioresonance Frequency Healing.

Family health Emotional wellbeing Pain relief Relaxation Insomnia Depression Recurring patterns Spiritual growth Personal growth Headaches

Rachael King

Heavenly Health Natural Therapies

Sydney, NSW, 2000

Member since 2005

Get off the Medical Roundabout! SAVE YOUR LIFE! Experience deep lasting relief form your health complaints. Claim your happier and healthier life now! Say YES to VITALITY, CLARITY, CALM, PAIN RELIEF and WEIGHT LOSS! Say NO to SUFFERING!

Sleep disorders Healthy eating Relaxation Emotions Holistic healing Weight management Lifestyle Chronic health issues Fatigue Empath

Megan Clarke

Natural Apothecary

Woy Woy, NSW, 2256

Member since 2011

Megan develops specific programs for stress, fatigue, digestion, sleep, energy, pain management, female & male health as well...

Menopause Memory Stress management Trauma Conception Anxiety Whiplash Relaxation Chronic skin conditions Varicose veins

Calinda Clayton

PUREnergy Body Balancing

Canley Heights, VIC, 2166

Member since 2019

I can supply support in the following areas using Bush Flowers and Bioresonance Therapy. Stress Headaches Allergies Anxiety Skin...

Oula Falah

Healing Corner

The Ponds, NSW, 2769

Member since 2019

Energy Healing, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Women's Health, Bioresonance Therapy, Wellness Coaching

Brett Dennis

Bioresonance Health - About Me

Winmalee, NSW, 2777

Member since 2014


Telehealth Food sensitivities Fatigue Inflammation Chronic health issues Allergies Parasites Reading Lifestyle Depression

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