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Julie McNab

Central Coast Natural Therapies Clinic

Erina, NSW, 2250

Member since 2006

NEED SOME EXPERT HEALTH SOLUTIONS? Julie has over 30 years clinical experience as a Naturopath, Homoeopath, Medical Herbalist and Nutritionist to assist you in your journey to becoming well and staying well - FOR LIFE!!

Health coaching Fitness Well-being Energy Joy Love Telehealth Health issues Lifestyle Anxiety

Katharyn Habgood

Full-body Imaging & Massage Therapy

Gosford, NSW, 2250

Member since 2010

In times of illness, thermography can assist with identifying what is preventing your body from healing. Using digital infrared thermal heat, we can see inflammation in the body, where it originates, and what triggers these symptoms. Schedule your consultation today!

Digestive disorders Cancer management Whiplash Nerve damage Physical injuries Inflammation Thermal Heart disease Unexplained pain Arthritis

Jacey Pryjma

Australian Children’s Chiropractic Centre

Warners Bay, NSW, 2282

Member since 2018

Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Nutrition, Natural Fertility Management, Chiropractic, Flower Essences, Allergy Testing...

Growth Well-being Self-care Joy

infuse health

Infuse Health

Adamstown, NSW, 2289

Member since 2018

Welcome to Infuse Health Where you can be inspired through yoga, movement and nutrition to find the best possible health for...

Joy Love Movement Fitness Flexibility Wellness Stress management Business Health issues Nurturing

Kimberley Rangeley

Abundant Health & Vitality Clinic

Hornsby, NSW, 2077

Member since 2015

As a qualified Iridologist and Vitality, Longevity and Healthy Ageing (VLA) Practitioner, Kimberley uses a range of professional clinical tools that allows her to assess your hydration levels, body composition and overall health status. Kimberley can provide a complete Wellness program to help you achieve your wellness goals

Health issues Wellness Hormone testing Early intervention Stress management Ageing Respiratory problem Allergies Memory Intolerance

Ku-ring-gai Naturopathic Clinic

In Clinic Testing

Gordon, NSW, 2072

Member since 2004

Take a Better View of Your Health

Digestive system Allergies Inflammation Blood analysis Health outcomes Health assessment Fatigue Immunity Detoxification Health goals

Lane Cove Wellness Centre & Pharmacy

Lane Cove Wellness Centre & Pharmacy - Naturopathy

Ryde, NSW, 2112

Member since 2004

Treat what ails you the natural way, with the help of a professional Naturopathy Consultation or Treatment from Lane Cove Wellness Centre.

Assessments Love Psoriasis Complementary Growth Massage therapy Detoxification Habits Wellness Pain management

Brain Gut Connect

Nutritional Medicine | Integrative Medicine | Mental Health | Mood Disorders

Ryde, NSW, 2112

Member since 2021

Discover the biochemical reasons behind your depression, anxiety, stress, fatigue or mood disorder. Test your brain chemistry, gut health or genes from the comfort of your own home. Receive personalized blends of amino acids, vitamins and minerals to rebalance your mental health naturally.

Telehealth Nutritional medicine Mental health Gut Health Gut-brain connection Gut issues Functional testing DNA analysis Microbiome testing Personalised nutrition

Judy Harland

Judy Harland - Wellness Programs

Mosman, NSW, 2088

Member since 2004

Specialising in All health matters anti aging, Asthma, Acid Reflux, Arthritis, Allergies/allergy testing, Adrenal fatigue, Anxiety, Autoimmune disease, Blood pressure, Chronic fatigue, Counselling/life and wellness coach, Detoxification, Diabetes, General Health Concerns, Heartburn, Gut bugs/parasites, Mental Health, Thyroid problems, Hormone problems, Weight problems.... all general health concerns for young and not as young

Osteoarthritis Optimal health Endocrine disorders Natural medicine Cancer management Coaching Home visits Menopause Fluid retention Sinus

Dr Ranga J Premaratna (PhD)

Return To Wellness -Total Mind-Body Wellness Your Wellness is Our #1 Priority

Mosman, NSW, 2088

Member since 2008

Treating the Causes not just Symptoms provide you Total Wellness.  Dr Ranga uses a unique mix of health assessment tools plus Professional Nutritional Consultation & Natural Remedy Treatment. These include Ayurvedic Pulse, Palm, and Tongue analysis, Bio-Energetic...

Digestive disorders Anxiety Energy Weight management Arthritis Blood analysis Headaches Health assessment Vibrational medicine Tension

Integrated Health Sydney

Integrated Health - Blood Type Diet

Sydney, NSW, 2000

Member since 2004

Looking for a personalised way to improve your overall health & wellbeing? Want to know which foods are best for your needs? Then a professional Microscopic and Functional Health Analysis and Blood Type Diet from Integrated Health is just what you need.

Back pain Functional medicine Manipulation Complementary Elderly Sporting performance Purpose Fitness Trauma F5

Chris Tsoutis

Tests and Screening

Sydney, 2000

Member since 2004

Measurements of your physiology, bio-chemistry and body functions. We use devices that can screen and monitor changes in the body

Dermatology Movement Functional medicine Collagen Eating habits Tiredness Liposuction Bioptron light therapy Guilt Hormonal imbalance

Claudette Wadsworth - Specialist Naturopath & Nutritionist

Claudette Wadsworth - Specialist Naturopath & Nutritionist

Sydney, NSW, 2000

Member since 2005

With 20 years experience, Claudette Wadsworth is one of Sydney's leading Naturopaths and Nutritionists specialising in Fertility, Women's and Men's hormonal conditions. Zoom and telephone bookings can be made at  

Arthritis Hormones Heart disease Digestive disorders Reflux Contraception Emotions Ageing Private health Growth

Connection PNT: Psychology and Nutrition Therapy

Health Screening

Sydney, NSW, 2000

Member since 2021

Functional Lab Tests. Would you like to know your current health status? Nutritionist - Adriana Turner interprets several diagnostic tests, including functional medicine and standard blood tests. Functional Nutritional Medicine is a truly preventive approach.  That every ‘dis-ease' has some underlying dysfunction. Usually, the malfunction has three parts: 1. A deficiency of essential nutrients.  Vitamins and minerals, fatty acids, antioxidants...

Hair tissue analysis Depression Anxiety Fatigue Hormonal imbalance Weight management Autism spectrum disorders Adults Immune support Gut Health


Live Blood Analysis

Blacktown, NSW, 2148

Member since 2004

Take a deeper look into your bodies health, with a professioanl live blood screening test, from Maria Augustyn.

Weight management Health issues Blood analysis Lactation Hormones Nervous system Ageing Nurturing Muscle tone Autism

Genevieve Mlotkowski

Genevieve Mlotkowski - Diagnostic Testing

Quakers Hill, NSW, 2763

Member since 2014

With years of experience and dedication, I can advise you on the best approach and the most appropriate testing for you. 

Reading Detoxification Well-being Cancer management Energy Lifestyle Autism Intolerance Pyrrole Ageing

Gabriela Rosa

Natural Fertility & Health Solutions by Specialist Naturopath Gabriela Rosa

Bondi Junction, NSW, 2022

Member since 2005

"...because you want results." Go to for more information on our workshops and FREE health seminars...

Conception Libido Hypnotherapist Fears Hormonal imbalance Period pain Contraception Joy Skin problems Shame

Brenda Rosenfeld

Brenda Rosenfeld Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist

Rozelle, NSW, 2039

Member since 2015

Nutritional Coach, Naturopath,   Wellness Mentor and Herbalist.

Obesity Mind-body connection Health issues Hypertension Tension Stress management Heart disease Ageing Telehealth Wellness

Peter Donald

Total Health Central Coast - Live Blood Analysis

Jilliby, NSW, 2259

Member since 2009

Fast, effective, accurate, reliable and totally amazing. See the difference a blood examination can make to understanding your...

Learning disabilities Health issues Obesity Shoulder pain Parkinson's disease Digestive disorders Neck pain Anxiety Allergies Tension

Jasmin Polley

Wellness Vision - Naturopathy

Charlestown, NSW, 2290

Member since 2014

Wellness Vision offers Naturopathic Packages combined with a range of pathology and genetic testing to help you get to the bottom...

Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) Health & wellness Adrenal fatigue Unexplained infertility Heart disease Vitality Vaginal infections Mental health Vision Ageing

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