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Douglas Mizzi

Food Intolerance Testing - 100% Safe - No Needles

Noosa Heads, QLD, 4567

Member since 2005

Specialising in Bio Dermal Food Intolerance Testing, for Women, Children & Men. Offering Effective & Proven Recovery & Treatments Plans since 1990. No Needles, 100% Safe . Highly Experienced. Using the latest Fully Computerised Bio Dermal Testing Facility helping identify correctly food & environmental triggers in conjunction with specialised immune support to effect a long and lasting recovery without the use of drugs*. Servicing Medical Doctors...

Asthma Male health Acne Diarrhoea Lupus Hypoglycemia Thrush Immune support Constipation Fears

Julie Norton (Dietitian and Di

Nutrition and Diabetes Care

Noosa Heads, QLD, 4567

Member since 2016

Sunshine Coast Dietitian and Diabetes Educator

Family nutrition Diabetes Prediabetes Gastrointestinal disorders Healthy eating

Learn how your food, exercise, sleep & stress affects your health based on your glucose biomarkers.

Now available for non-diabetics.

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Aqueous Colon Therapy

Aqueous Colon Therapy - Colonic Hydrotherapy and Healthy Gut Specialist

Noosa Heads, QLD, 4567

Member since 2021

Aqueous Colon Therapy believe that A 'Perfect' Body is one that works.  Investing in your health is essential.   AQUEOUS THERAPY & THE HEALTY GUT SHOP We provide Colonic Hydrotherapy  The Healthy Gut Shop is our new addition - all things for a healthy gut. Some of our products are but not limited to: Ultimate Fibre 5 Point Detox Pre & Pro biotics  Gut Performance  The Gut Co Morlife  Happy Bum Bags  Enema Kits Enema Coffee and Anti...

Massage therapy Joy Leaky gut syndrome Pain management Insomnia Movement Chronic pain Headaches Cellulite Flexibility

Coolum Naturopathic

Coolum Naturopathic - Allergies, Naturopathy & Nutrition

Noosa Heads, QLD, 4567

Member since 2014

We educate you so you can maintain your own health and share this information with family and friends!

Cleansing Death Lifestyle Stress management Hormonal imbalance Infections Trauma Allergies Adrenal fatigue Weight management

Amina Eastham-Hillier

Amina Eastham-Hillier - Naturopathy


Member since 2009

In a Naturopathic consultation, full blood tests and chemistry tests are essential to determine any long-term medical deficiencies or imbalances, such as chemistry, Iron, thyroid, immune or hormonal imbalances. We can discuss the necessary testing required upon consultation.

Holistic health Functional medicine Herbalist Mould illness Detoxification Well-being Telehealth Parasites Face to face appointments Mentoring

Diana Hunter

Personal Development Consultant & Spiritual Healer

Noosaville, QLD, 4566

Member since 2011

Diana is a Master Intuitive Healer and combines this together with her breadth of experience in personal development, spiritual healing practices, bodywork, and physical health to provide the insight, guidance and healing you need. Get in touch to learn...

Intuitive healing Fears Personal development Spiritual guide Medical intuition Angelic channel Akashic records reading Bodywork Australian bush flower essences Personal issues

Narissa Harrison Kinesiology

Narissa Harrison Kinesiology - Services

Munna Point, QLD, 4566

Member since 2017

'What I love about Kinesiology is it takes all of the guesswork out and is an effective, holistic approach to healing'

Weight management Aches & pains Infertility Creativity Food sensitivities Anxiety Allergies Addiction Stress management Depression

Sunshine Coast Team

Sunshine Coast & Brisbane - Naturopaths Integrated Wellness

Noosaville, QLD, 4566

Member since 2013

We have helped 1000's of clients regain good health.We do this by following our 3 step methodology!Find the answers to your health problems by searching for the cause, the right way! Naturopath Sunshine Coast And Naturopath Brisbane& Gold Coast Naturopath Integrated Wellness is a multimodality clinic with services of Naturopath, psychology and nutrition...  path to wellness!Naturopath Suzi Le Fanue & the Team specialises in the treatment of acute...

Lifestyle Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) Well-being Interpersonal Energy Weight management Happiness Feeding Hormones Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Diana Panrucker

Synergy Health And Wellness

Noosaville, QLD, 4566

Member since 2022

A combination of individualised and science-based therapeutic nutrition, herbal medicine, and nutritional compounds can help you achieve optimal health if you're struggling with your condition and not making progress. Schedule a 20-minute complimentary consultation with Diana today and learn how you can benefit from nutritional medicine and naturopathy.

Pre and post covid vaccine support Post-covid immune response Hormonal imbalance Thyroid problems Weight management Endocrine disorders Autoimmune conditions Mould illness Chronic conditions Digestive health

The Footprint Connection

About The Footprint Connection

Coolum Beach, QLD, 4573

Member since 2016

With more than 15 years of experience, Sand Mew is a passionate Reflexology Specialist, Feet Reader and Holistic Empowerment Mentor with a background as Naturopath, Herbalist and Acupressure Therapist. She's created her own modality called The Footprint Connection and helps exhausted, overwhelmed and stuck practitioners and change makers (including those who would like to contribute to change in the World) to get energized, focused and empowered...

Transformation Subconscious Headaches Physical ailments Intuitive reading Therapeutic massage Purpose Love Fears Reading

Talita Sheedy

Lahlita Natural Medicine

Coolum Beach, QLD, 4573

Member since 2018

“Through natural medicine and practices, I aim to bring your body back into harmony, to maintain health and wellness through...

Rehabilitation Weight management Emotional wellbeing Optimal health Well-being Cravings Private health Natural medicine Ageing Eating habits

Rebecca Strachan

Healing Within - Naturopathy & Nutrition Noosa QLD

Coolum Beach, QLD, 4573

Member since 2016

Naturopathy is both a preventative and disease based form of medicine. Rebecca is a Naturopath in the lovely Noosa area of the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. Rebecca uses natural and safe approaches to heal those long and standing and acute symptoms, to have you feeling fantastic again. Book a Naturopathic consultation today and watch your symptoms fall away one by one.Special offer: receive 10% off your first consultation when you mention NTPages.

Lymphatic congestion Manifestation Self-confidence Sound massage Babies Sound healing Adrenal fatigue Wellness Hormone testing Gastrointestinal disorders

Balanced Babes

Nutritionist and Naturopath for Women’s Health

Coolum Beach, QLD, 4573

Member since 2022

There are over 200 'HORMONE' related symptoms, if you believe your hormones are contributing to your health, Stacey is the practitioner for you, specialising in Endocrine and reproductive disorders. Contact Stacey for a no obligation chat today to find out how she can bring you back into balance/p>

Telehealth Online consultations Naturopathic nutrition Natural health Natural medicine Natural health remedy Massage therapy Nutritional supplements Nutritional medicine Hormonal imbalance

Ada Medak

Cooloola Better Health Centre

Boreen Point, QLD, 4565

Member since 2010

Ada Medak is a Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist and massage therapist. She has run a successful clinic in the picturesque city of Gympie since 1988, and has helped people of all ages and all walks of life gain better health and vitality. She uses gentle natural therapies, diet and life-style changes to encourage healing and long term well being.

Weight management Private health Herbalist Tiredness Arthritis Sleep disorders Anger Metabolic syndrome Fertility issues Restless legs


Eta Brand - Integrated Medicine @ Crescent Place

Yandina, QLD, 4561

Member since 2010

Eta Brand is a university trained naturopath. She successfully treats a wide range of conditions affecting women, men and children. She is also trained in pathology testing and public health. Eta is passionate about evidence-based natural medicine. She has thirty years experience in natural and conventional medicine and understands both perspectives. Because your health challenge is unique, no one-size fits all approaches are offered in my clinic!

Private health Muscular pain Muscle pain Far infrared Growth Insomnia Rashes Indigestion Prostate problems Autoimmune disease

Advanced Wellness & Behavioural Centre

Advanced Wellness & Behavioural Centre - Naturopathy

Maroochydore, QLD, 4558

Member since 2004

For all of your professional Naturopathy needs in the greater Maroochydore area, you can't go past us here at Advanced Wellness & Behavioural Centre.

Neurosurgery Neuroscience Tiredness Obesity Mental illness Autism Conception Irritability Trauma Energy

Joan Goldsmith

Pain, Inflammation and Immune Driven Condition

Maroochydore, QLD, 4558

Member since 2005


Skin problems Fibromyalgia Values Mood disorders Heavy metals Immunity Detox programs Chronic pain Cellular health Infertility

Change quickly and easily

Change quickly and easily - Food Sensitivity

Nambour, QLD, 4560

Member since 2005

Talk to Wendy today about a food sensitivity assessment, if you recognise any of the above symptoms, in yourself or family members. Around 200 common foods and additives are usually assessed as a simple first step that gives you more control in maintaining health and wellbeing.

Food poisoning Professional supervision Teething Irritability Death Anxiety Supervision Happiness Interpersonal Adoption

Lotus Holistic Medicine


Maroochydore, QLD, 4558

Member since 2006

Here you can find information about a leading holistic medicine clinic in Queensland, Australia.

Spiritual growth Trauma Wellness Natural health Herbalist Empath HeartMath Vitality Well-being Death

Janine Noakes

Clinical Nutrition

Mapleton, QLD, 4560

Member since 2009

For all of your Clinical Nutrition services, you can't go past Janine here at Live In Good Health Today.

Family health Gut Health Stress management Anxiety Depression Autoimmune conditions Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) Food allergies Thyroid problems Food sensitivities

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