Best Women's Health Specialists in Highgate SA

Kerry Dalzotto

Women's Health - Womb & Fertility Massage

Highgate, SA, 5063

Member since 2006

Since the dawn of time women have been the keepers of ancient wisdom   Specialities: Womb & Fertility Massage Therapist Menstrual...

Lymphatic system Joy Optimal health Shamanic healing Aches & pains Flexibility Muscle tone Massage therapy Pregnancy support Health issues

Joanne Garner

Bioresonance Therapist & Nutrition Counsellor

Parkside, SA, 5063

Member since 2015

When the body is at its optimal frequency, it can repair and shield itself from the environment. BioResonance therapy corrects the body's frequency so you can live healthy, happy and stress-free. Contact Jo for a consultation so you can begin your healing process.

Clearing blocks Energetic medicine Personalised nutrition Family nutrition Chronic stress Stress Allergies Insomnia Food intolerance Viral infections

Learn how your food, exercise, sleep & stress affects your health based on your glucose biomarkers.

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Vively Health

Vively - #1 lifestyle medicine solution for PCOS

Eastwood, SA, 5063

Member since 2022

Working with your doctor and other providers to improve your PCOS symptoms is crucial but it can be exhausting because of ineffective...

Telehealth Online consultations Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) Holistic practitioner Holistic wellness Irregular periods Acne Hormonal acne Anxiety Menstrual health

Russell Karras

Naturopath, Sports & Rehabilitation Therapist

Unley, SA, 5061

Member since 2008

Don’t wait for your injury to heal itself or for your pain to go away one day. Natural physical therapies can help your body...

Holistic health Optimal health Weight management Injury prevention

Denise James

Denise James Naturopath, Wellness Coach, Mentor

Linden Park, SA, 5065

Member since 2011

  Welcome to Better Health

Ageing Disease prevention Inflammation Epigenetics Lifestyle Hydration Menopause Anxiety Telehealth Adrenal fatigue

Anke Koelman, Spec. Nat., MHSc

Women's Health

Adelaide, SA, 5000

Member since 2005

We specialise in optimising women's health and well-being. Many chronic diseases and conditions are related to poor gut health. Poor gut health can affect your general well-being through symptoms such as inflammation, fatigue, anxiety, food addiction and headaches. If not addressed, these can lead to auto-immune diseases, obesity, chronic conditions and poor mental health. Recently, it was discovered that trauma and stress can also affect gut health...

Fibromyalgia Communication skills Autism spectrum disorders Language disorders Health issues Cancer management Spelling Emotional wellbeing High cholesterol Telehealth

Amnys Darbyshire

She Steams - Yoni Steaming consults, herbs, steaming saunas, seats and stools

Adelaide, SA, 5000

Member since 2006

Yoni steaming is a home practice used by women around the world for healthy menstrual cycle, ease symptoms of menopause, post...

Bodywork Bloating Trauma Childhood trauma Menstruation Menopause Cramps Stress management Reproduction Constipation

Aaron Slape: Essential Wellbeing Natural Health Clinic

Aaron Slape: Essential Wellbeing Natural Health Clinic - Natural Fertility Management

Adelaide, SA, 5000

Member since 2006

Natural Fertility Treatments - Fertility Services - Preconception Services. No matter if you're trying to get pregnant or you...

Osteoporosis Headaches Insomnia Hormones Lung Childbirth IVF support Bronchitis Inflammation Pregnancy support

Melanie Parsons

Pregnancy Massage & Maternity Reflexology

Adelaide, SA, 5000

Member since 2004

Melanie has had 23 years clinical experience in the natural therapies industry and specialises in Pregnancy Massage and Maternity Reflexology

Back pain Neck pain Cranio Pregnancy support Sciatica relief Headaches Shoulder pain Pelvic instability Whiplash Lower back pain

Jane Deans

Naturopathy with Jane Deans

Goodwood, SA, 5034

Member since 2007

Specialising in Lyme disease, Systemic bacterial infections, Auto-immune diseases, Woman's Health and the MTHFR gene. In-clinic, phone...

Covid-related Lyme disease Face to face appointments Fatigue Menopause Infections Autoimmune conditions Digestion Stress management Arthritis

Michelle Edwards

Adelaide Natural Fertility

Adelaide, SA, 5000

Member since 2007

Welcome to Adelaide Natural Fertility   Whether you are struggling with fertility or hormonal issues or want to prepare your body to have the healthiest possible pregnancy & baby, Michelle can help you with your goals.

Hormonal imbalance Pre-conception Hormone testing Pregnancy support Infertility Mentoring Well-being Lifestyle Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) Conception

Melissa Merrett

Body Sync Bowen Therapy Adelaide

Norwood, SA, 5067

Member since 2008

Bowen Therapy, Kinesiology, Massage: Remedial, Therapeutic, Relaxation, Pregnancy massage, Lymphatic drainage, Nutrition, Weight...

Claw toes Food intolerance Nervous system Bunions Grief Massage therapy Shin splints Joint pain Migraine Emotional wellbeing

Shauna Ashewood

Shauna Ashewood - Women's Health

Adelaide, SA, 5000

Member since 2008

Your Practitioner Shauna is a Naturopath & Medical Herbalist with 31 years experience specialising in women & children's health, immunity...

Bloating Depression Energy Reduce inflammation Natural medicine Mineral balance Hormonal imbalance Allergies Inflammation Reproductive health

Lindy Poirier

Lindy Poirier Psychotherapist

Adelaide, SA, 5000

Member since 2008

Psychotherapist Improve Your Life Today!Experience Instant Relief & Significant Positive Gains!

Fears Anxiety Depression Phobias Panic attacks Mental health Stress management Control issues Dysfunctional relationships Weight issues

Adelaide Yoga Therapy

Adelaide Yoga Therapy - About Us

Goodwood, SA, 5034

Member since 2009

Welcome to Adelaide Yoga Therapy   Health and Wellness through Yoga of the Heart… Breath, Body, Mind, and Movement

Trauma Pranayama Physical health Posture Wellness Well-being Arthritis Back pain Emotional wellbeing Nurturing

Dr. Kevin Cao

Wellspring Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Clinic

Rose Park, SA, 5067

Member since 2010

Why Wellspring Acupuncture Clinic is your number one choice for acupuncture in Adelaide? Because Dr Cao has the following unique features:

Wrist pain Rheumatology Feet Reduce inflammation Headaches Tiredness Back pain Insomnia Natural health Restoring balance

Milica Bilandzic

Milica Bilandzic - Reiki

Adelaide, SA, 5000

Member since 2012

Milica Bilandzic is a Certified Reiki Master, Teacher and Healer. If you are looking for a spiritual or energetic healer to help...

Energy Distant healing Emotions Posture Stress management Self-development Tension Joy Anxiety Indecision

Dina Tsiopelas

About Dina Tsiopelas - Equal - ibrium 4 Health

Adelaide, SA, 5000

Member since 2013

Are you frustrated with your current health regime? Consider a balanced approach using Acupuncture &/or Chinese Herbal Medicine...

Infertility Circulation Communication skills Chronic health issues Menopause Chinese herbal medicine Vision Energy Emotions

Endeavour Wellness Clinic

Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine

Adelaide, SA, 5000

Member since 2014

Nutritional Medicine incorporates natural medicines, lifestyle and dietary considerations, highlights the importance of the healing power of nature and good diet habits.

Tension Relaxation Reproductive health Health assessment Eczema Natural health Adults Headaches Physical pain Gua sha

Lyn Torbarina Clinical Hypnotherapy

Lyn Torbarina - Clinical Hypnotherapist

Adelaide, SA, 5000

Member since 2016

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Lyn Torbarina is based in the Adelaide CBD, near the TAFE City Campus. If you’re ready to make a change, give...

Arthritis Insomnia Adults Joy Clinical hypnotherapy Phobias Personal issues Clinical supervision Stress management Anxiety

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