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Vively - #1 lifestyle medicine solution for PCOS

Vively Health

Vively - #1 lifestyle medicine solution for PCOS

Member since 2022

Working with your doctor and other providers to improve your PCOS symptoms is crucial but it can be exhausting because of ineffective...

Telehealth Online consultations Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) Holistic practitioner Holistic wellness Irregular periods Acne Hormonal acne Anxiety Menstrual health

Vively Health

Vively - #1 lifestyle medicine solution for PCOS

Banksia Park, SA, 5091

Member since 2022

Working with your doctor and other providers to improve your PCOS symptoms is crucial but it can be exhausting because of ineffective...

Telehealth Online consultations Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) Holistic practitioner Holistic wellness Irregular periods Acne Hormonal acne Anxiety Menstrual health

Angie Kanellos-Heckenberg

Naturopath, Nutritionist & Herbalist

Tea Tree Gully, SA, 5091

Member since 2006

There is no doubt that most of us strive for optimum health and wellbeing, which means using the abundance of health services and products available to us. Angie can provide you with practical naturopathic services to achieve your wellness and health goals. Contact her today to start your healing journey!

Naturopathic nutrition Personalised nutrition Nutritional supplements Western herbal medicine Herbalist Chinese herbal medicine Herbal prescriptions Mineral therapy Tongue diagnosis Integrative practitioner

Linda Lowen

Highbury Natural Health Centre & IBS Clinic

Highbury, SA, 5089

Member since 2008

Are you SUFFERING from any of these seemingly unrelated health problems?

Depression Stress management Pregnancy support Gynecological problems Psoriasis Lack of motivation Intolerance Gastrointestinal disorders Natural medicine Reflux

Michelle Edwards

Adelaide Natural Fertility - Natural Fertility

Modbury, 5092

Member since 2007

At Adelaide Natural Fertility, we work with both future parents, to educate and address the factors that may be affecting their health and fertility, and ensure optimum health for both parents, BEFORE conception occurs.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) Conception Postnatal support Hormonal imbalance Pre-conception Hormone testing Pregnancy support Infertility Mentoring Well-being

Krishna Kumar

Ayurvedic Health Care Centre of South Australia

Modbury, SA, 5092

Member since 2007

Australerba is committed to export its products overseas and has been doing so since 1982. Australerba products have been exported to Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, US, Japan and The Middle East.

Growth Tonic

Deb Ashton

Naturopathy Approach: Diet & Lifestyle Recommendations, Vitamins & Minerals

Modbury, SA, 5092

Member since 2017

Concentrate on your body to restore your well-being through the use of conventional Naturopathy.

Habits Diarrhoea Natural health Resilience Lifestyle Holistic health Intolerance Well-being Food intolerance Cramps

Dr Ryan Yorke, Chiropractor

Naturopathy for Gut Health, Fatigue, PMS, Etc.

Para Vista, SA, 5093

Member since 2005

Naturopathic treatments improve the natural healing ability of the body to maintain balance and prevent diseases.

Fatigue Massage therapy Motivation Facial Pregnancy support Depression Movement Stiffness Lifestyle Values

Leonie Kowald

Leonie Kowald - Naturopathy Services

Golden Grove, SA, 5125

Member since 2005

Specialising in providing a range of professional Naturopathy, Ear Candling, Herbalist, Flower Essence & Homoeopathy Services.

Love Stress management Emotional wellbeing Natural health Parasites Tissue salts Well-being Anger Heavy metals Pregnancy support

Acupuncture Physio Naturopathy

Lifeforce health solutions - TCM, Acupuncture, Naturopathy


Member since 2007

Lifeforce health solutions has a team of qualified practitioners who offer a range of natural health care options including Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy. Call us to find out which therapy is right for you!

WorkCover Neck pain Joy Allergies Hormones Energy Food sensitivities Constipation Sinus Osteoporosis

Anke Koelman, Spec. Nat., MHSc

Optimum Learning & Health Centre

Campbelltown, 5074

Member since 2005

Anke has over 30 years of experience as a Kinesiologist and Naturopathic practitioner. Her passion is to identify and resolve the cause(s) of chronic diseases and conditions in both adults & children. She has specialised in reversing the course of Autism, Allergies, Anxiety, Alzheimers and other neurological conditions.

Attention deficit disorder (ADD) Online consultations Attention deficit Assessments Parkinson's Complementary Parkinson's disease Energy Anxiety Fibromyalgia

Jane Nicholson Sancia Wellness

Jane Nicholson Natural Therapies

Newton, SA, 5074

Member since 2010

Healing Intuitive; Flower Essence Therapist; Classical Homoeopath; Naturopath; MindBody Wellness Coach; Intuitive Counselor;

Coaching Love Self-care Energy Lifestyle Vitality Essential oils Well-being Emotions Natural health

Nicholas Filippakis

Nicholas Filippakis

Windsor Gardens, SA, 5087

Member since 2020

Musculoskeletal Therapy and Cold Laser applications in the treatment of complex myofascial pain conditions. Infrared Thermal Imaging is also available as an adjunct to the clinical examination. Particularly in the mapping of thermal physiology changes of more complex pain conditions or as a body scan in many health conditions. Integrating Medical Science, Natural Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Auriculotherapy modalities to enhance your treatment.

Nervous system Posture Arthritis Addiction Relaxation Biomechanics Shoulder pain Natural medicine Lymphatic system Stress management

Douglas Dickmann

Naturopath & Chiropractor for Chronic & Acute Conditions

Rostrevor, SA, 5073

Member since 2007

Each injury or pain is unique, which is why you need a treatment plan tailored specifically to your needs. Get a better understanding of the way your body functions and moves to help prevent further injury or damage. Call Dr Doug today to book your appointment!

Back pain Neck pain Headaches Work injuries Physical injuries

John Wibrow

John Wibrow [MSSc. BHSc. ND.] - East Adelaide Natural Health Clinic & Counselling Services

Payneham, SA, 5070

Member since 2007

HONESTY : INTEGRITY : RESPECT.Your FIRST CHOICE for professional natural health care. Detailed report & diagnostic assessment. Rebates from health funds.

Natural health Lifestyle Exhaustion Private health Complementary Food intolerance Physical health Intolerance Health issues Well-being

Natural Body Science

Natural Body Science - Bio Compatibility

Payneham South, SA, 5070

Member since 2013

The Bio-Compatibility System that we use here at Natural Body Science is the result of 30 years of research and development - so you know your health & wellbeing is going to be in great hands!

Immunity Cellular health Optimal health Bloating Infections Gastrointestinal disorders Asthma Candida Inflammation Nails

Maria Harpas

About Natural Health Medicine

Payneham South, SA, 5070

Member since 2007

We are a team of Practitioners who investigate and assist you in what is going on with your health. You know something is wrong, but general testing keeps showing up nothing? Or you may want to get more specific with your health, rather than just taking general supplements and general diet changes which are not specific too you. Well we can help identify things from a biochemical perspective and get very specific on what you need.

Natural health Movement Massage Lifestyle Stress management Values Supplements Diet Stress Lifestyle changes

Dianna Moroney

Dianna Moroney | Naturopath & Certified NET Practitioner

Norwood, SA, 5067

Member since 2013

"Dianna is passionate about what she does, she took the time and care to diagnose and treat my complaint. After many years of...

Adrenal fatigue Anxiety Women's hormones Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) Menopause Depression Hormonal imbalance Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) Stress management Fatigue

Jean Errington

Jean Errington

Norwood, SA, 5067

Member since 2007

Check for subclinical hypothyroid in this clinic.

Brain health Intolerance Pregnancy support Learning difficulties Detoxification Microbiome Wellness Food intolerance Stress management Weight management

Expansion to Life

North Adelaide, SA, 5006

Member since 2015

Expansion to Life

Transformation Intuitive practitioner

Denise James

Denise James Naturopath, Wellness Coach, Mentor

Linden Park, SA, 5065

Member since 2011

  Welcome to Better Health

Well-being Mood disorders Self-healing Healthy ageing Joy Microbiome testing Nervous system Ageing Disease prevention Inflammation

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