Best Animal Therapists in Mirboo North VIC

Michael Smith

Alternative Health Practitioner in Warragul

Warragul, VIC, 3820

Member since 2019

As a health practitioner, I offer Indian head massage, Reiki, distant healing, animal Reiki, Chakra balancing & alignment, & meditation in Warragul VIC.

Pets Movement Emotional wellbeing Circulation Sinus Anxiety Migraine Chakra balancing Distance healing Purpose

Dr Portia Reading

Dr Portia Reading

Dewhurst, VIC, 3808

Member since 2009

I work with you to help identify and correct underlying biochemical and physiologic disruptions contributing to your symptoms...

Relaxation techniques Emotional wellbeing Parasites Anger Negative emotions Dementia Candida Joy Well-being Sadness

Lorraine Easton-Trehearne

Lets Heal - Healing Techniques

Langwarrin, VIC, 3910

Member since 2009

Bowen Therapy | Chironic Healing | Shell Essences | Access Consciousness | Reiki | Reset TherapyJust give Lorraine at Let's Heal...

Adults Circulation Tinnitus Physical pain Back pain Nervous system Tennis elbow Bedwetting Clairvoyant Muscular pain

Advance Bowen Therapy Red Roof Studios

Yarram, VIC, 3971

Member since 2018

Remedial Massage, Bowen Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Injury Therapy, Sports Massage, Animal Therapy, Women's Health, Men's...

Jacqueline Rudan

Natural Animal Solutions

25 Argyle CRT, Pakenham, VIC, 3810

Member since 2011

Animal Naturopath and formulations expert for Natural Animal Solutions

Mornington Acupuncture

Cranbourne Acupuncture

Cranbourne, VIC, 3977

Member since 2011

Welcome to Greendale Chinese Medicine! We offer a range of chinese medical services to help you feel better and get you on the...

Vision Diarrhoea Eating disorders Back pain Constipation Health outcomes Chinese herbal medicine Infertility Period pain Health goals

Sarah-Jane Layton

Soul Freedom

Belgrave, VIC, 3160

Member since 2018

Soul Freedom "Empowering the soul to live it's true purpose"

Pets Soul healing Finances Business Movement F5 Self-healing Purpose Well-being Soul coaching

Kylie Delaney

Anchored Healing

Seaford, VIC, 3198

Member since 2021

A holistic health practice that works on all areas of body, mind and soul, for a well rounded, individualised health plan for...

Suicide Energy Young parents Joy Multicultural Divorce / Separation Affective disorders Aura Addiction Anxiety

Ingrid Perri

Naturopath, NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer, Hypnotherapist & Life Coach

Warragul, VIC, 3820
This account is currently inactive on Natural Therapy Pages, but you can browse from hundreds of other practitioners in your local area.

Member since 2005

If there’s anything that needs to be done to inspire a better life, it would be removing your emotional blockages.

Business Values Transformation Anxiety Memory Habits Eczema Joy Trauma Love
This account is currently inactive on Natural Therapy Pages, but you can browse from hundreds of other practitioners in your local area.

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