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Certified Naturopaths Specialising in Women's Health, Detoxification & Food Intolerance

Footscray, VIC, 3011

Member since 2022

Reconnect with your body for good health. Our naturopaths will walk you through the process of healing your body from the inside out using evidence-based tools such as iridology, herbal medicine & food intolerance testing. What's more, they'll demonstrate how diet & lifestyle changes can assist you in achieving optimal health!

Telehealth Naturopathic nutrition Gut Health Stress Adrenal fatigue Food intolerance testing Inflammation Digestive problems Bloating Self-care

Max Ferraiuolo, Michelle Cooke

Wind Water Health - Naturopathy

South Melbourne, VIC, 3205

Member since 2007

Treat what ails you the natural way, with the help of a professional Naturopathy Consultation from Wind Water Health. Perfect to help with a range of health conditions and ailments

Massage therapy Chronic skin conditions Joint Mobilization Menopause Relaxation Insomnia Headaches Allergies Natural medicine IVF support

Learn how your food, exercise, sleep & stress affects your health based on your glucose biomarkers.

Now available for non-diabetics.

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EsoLab South Melbourne

EsoLab South Melboburne - Medicine

South Melbourne, VIC, 3205

Member since 2014

Chinese Herbs, Integrative Therapies and Naturopathy

Constipation Anxiety Therapeutic massage Human movement Posture Headaches Depression Lifestyle Migraine Bloating

Maximilian Ferraiuolo

Max Ferraiuolo


Member since 2019

Acupuncturist, Naturopath, Homoeopath.

Anxiety Depression Asthma Dermatitis Healthy eating Lifestyle Bronchitis Pregnancy support Infertility Fatigue

Vively Health

Vively - #1 lifestyle medicine solution for PCOS

South Melbourne, VIC, 3205

Member since 2022

Working with your doctor and other providers to improve your PCOS symptoms is crucial but it can be exhausting because of ineffective...

Telehealth Online consultations Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) Holistic practitioner Holistic wellness Irregular periods Acne Hormonal acne Anxiety Menstrual health

Inner-Health Care

Inner-Health Care - Services

Melbourne, VIC, 3004

Member since 2009

" The quality of each moment governs the quality of the next" ~ Serge Benhayon

Movement Fitness Chinese herbal medicine Chakras Therapeutic massage Complementary Depression Tension Love Anxiety

Benjamin Deutscher

Malvern Natural Health Care - Naturopathy

Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Member since 2004

Naturopathy is a holistic system of healing that brings together natural therapies including herbal medicine, nutrition, diet, homeopathy, counselling and more.

Love Sporting performance Health assessment Allergies Hay fever Sciatica Corrective exercise Cellular health Pregnancy support Motivation

Domenic Pisanelli

About Domenic Pisanelli (ND) - Vital Health & Natural Medicine

Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Member since 2004

My Vital Health Solutions offers healthcare and Weight Loss programs to help you and your family regain control of your health.    For your FREE ‘How to be happy with your body and lose weight’ click here to download.

Well-being Back pain Flexibility Digestive health Intolerance Health outcomes Nervous system Hormonal imbalance Restoration Gut Health

The Nature of Balance

The Nature Of Balance - Herbal Medicine

Albert Park, VIC, 3206

Member since 2005

For all of your professional Chinese Medicine services in the greater Albert Park area, you can't go past us here at The Nature...

Holistic wellness Chinese herbal medicine Arthritis Complementary medicine Detoxification Joy Hairdressing Home visits Well-being Migraine


AyurClinic - Natural Fertility Management

Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Member since 2005

AyurClinic specialises in the treatment of Womens Health and Natural Fertility Management Mention Natural Therapy Pages for 10% Off your first appointment  

Psychological disorder Mental health Negative emotions Chakras Manifestation Hopelessness Mental illness Uterine fibroids Happiness Sciatica

Stable Health Clinic

Stable Health Clinic

Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Member since 2005

Practitioner Room for rent - EXCLUSIVE - Receive 2 Months Free on a 12 Month Contract! Suitable for Allied Health Practitioners. Facilities:- HICAPS, EFTPOS/credit card facility, a reception area- Kitchen including fridge and microwave, staff room, brochure holders on external wall, so passers-by can always access information,  - Internet facilities including complimentary Wi-Fi- Wide range of modalities for cross-referrals,- Your profile on

Pregnancy support Back pain Telehealth Stiffness Circulation Muscle tension Stroke Posture problems Coaching Joy

Lyndy Saltmarsh

Renew You Wellness Centre - Naturopathy

Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Member since 2006

Our unique centre offers a range of natural therapies designed to re-balance and support you.

Pigmentation Relaxation Grief Manual lymphatic drainage Trauma Circulation Burnout Full body massage Weight management Love

Carol Giles

NAET, Naturopathy & Aromatherapy

Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Member since 2006

Are you ready to bid your allergies good riddance and retrieve the life you had before their arrival?

Psoriasis Self-esteem Telehealth Makeup Ear infection Hypnotherapist Hives Well-being Kidney disease Inflammation

Dr. William Federico

Holistic Mastery - Naturopathy

Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Member since 2007

Take a more natural approach to medicine.

Business Health issues Nervous system Martial arts training Trauma Bodywork Natural medicine Quit smoking Telehealth Relaxation

The Alternative Natural Healing Centre

Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Member since 2012

Free Vitamin and Mineral and Organ function test by Mail Order Australia wide

Coaching Health coaching Health goals Love Infertility Anxiety Assessments Allergies Adrenal fatigue Detoxification

Sandra Tenge

Naturopathic Services, Herbal Medicine, Iridology & Homeopathy

Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Member since 2005

Find out what your body needs through naturopathy and keep ailments at bay.

Telehealth Optimal health Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) Parasites Cancer management Immunity Stress management Obesity Aura Bedwetting

Endeavour Wellness Clinic


Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Member since 2014

Naturopaths support the body's own healing mechanisms, with naturally derived medicines, designed to work with your system to achieve optimum health and well-being.

Elderly Purpose Health goals Stress management Back pain Movement Emotional wellbeing Pain relief Love Stroke

Irma Korn

Naturopathic Practitioners, Naturopathy, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Counselling

Albert Park, VIC, 3206

Member since 2016

Naturopaths Irma and Christine use a personalised treatment approach consisting of naturopathic remedies to address chronic conditions.

Conception Interpersonal Relaxation Lifestyle Trauma Physical health Holistic healing Stress management Feet Movement

Acupuncture 365

Acupuncture 365

Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Member since 2018

Dr Ryan has over 45 years clinical practice experience covering a wide range of conditions. He is offering an Acupuncture protocol...

Long covid Post-covid fatigue Post-covid immune response Post-covid symptoms Stroke recovery Facial paralysis Paralysis Natural medicine Pain relief Inflammation

Margaret Boyd-Squires

Naturopathy for Inflammation, Women's Health, Gut Health, Lymphatic Drainage, Functional Testing.

Melbourne, 3000

Member since 2007

Margaret is a naturopath with over 25 years experience in the prevention and treatment of health problems.

Inflammation Autoimmune disease Lymphatic system Tiredness Gut Health Detox programs Anxiety Food intolerance Weight management Functional testing

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