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Best Cupping Practitioners in Perth WA

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Member since 2005
Perth, WA, 6000
Collagen Trigger point therapy Pregnancy support ...

Both Cupping and Gua Sha work well in conjunction with Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Diet Therapy as a part of a treatment program.  Find out more

Member since 2008
Dr Kathy Wang
Perth, WA, 6000
Pain relief Immunity boost Anxiety ...

Kathy Wang is no ordinary acupuncturist.   With over 20 years experience, Kathy is a master in Japanese and Chinese acupuncture techniques.   And she has an unusually gentle touch. Kathy Wang also... Find out more

Member since 2013
Margaret Liu
Perth, WA, 6000
Sexual dysfunction Feet Circulation ...

Margaret Liu provides a range of professional Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese... Find out more

Member since 2020
Volkan Rakin
Perth, WA, 6000
Intimacy Circulation Energy healing ...

Chakras healing is a process of physical, emotional & spiritual health management... Find out more

Member since 2005
Jane Ponsonby
Perth, 6000
Energy Sciatica Infertility ...

The festive season can be an exciting time to connect with others and celebrate.  However especially due to Covid it can be the most stressful time of the year. A gift of Reflexology or PSYCH-K® may... Find out more

Member since 2020
687 Beaufort ST, MOUNT LAWLEY, WA, 6050
Stress Sports massage Swedish massage ...

Mountain lawley's massage therapist for both men and women Find out more

Member since 2010
Subiaco, WA, 6008
Private health Art Herbal medicine ...

Professional Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine service for both... Find out more

Member since 2018
Wilfred Hendriks
Victoria Park, 6100
Emotional wellbeing Anxiety Fibromyalgia ...

Our aim is to improve your health through the use of natural therapies, so you can achieve and maintain the best quality of life which is possible for you, at an affordable price. Whether you are dealing... Find out more

Member since 2011
Yi Wang
Nedland, WA, 6009
Fear Tonic Back pain ...

Treatment through Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine for Depression, Insomnia, Headaches, Stress & Anxiety and Pain Management Find out more

Member since 2013
Jennifer Russell
Double View, WA, 6018
Emotions Inflammation Reflux ...

Caring for the whole person, promoting vitality and good healthJennifer Russell... Find out more

Member since 2018
Riverton, WA, 6148
Back pain Holistic health Headaches ...

Welcome to High Road Chiropractic Centre Providing chiropractic care to the... Find out more

Member since 2012
Attadale, WA, 6156
Gua sha Migraines Relaxation ...

Specialising in providing a range of Acupuncture and Cosmetic Acupuncture treatments, to... Find out more

Member since 2016
Martin Deng
Willetton, WA, 6155
Detoxification Headaches Cupping ...

We specialize in treating a range of health conditions... Find out more

Member since 2006
Dr. Lisa Johnson (TCM)
Fremantle, WA, 6160
Moxibustion Deafness Facial rejuvenation ...

"The wise women waters her own garden first" Find out more

Member since 2013
Beaconsfield, WA, 6162
Anxiety Sound therapy Insomnia ...

Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Kinesiology, Swedish/Relaxation Massage, Natural... Find out more

Member since 2011
Spearwood, WA, 6163
Haemorrhoids Osteoarthritis Health goals ...

Treat What Ails You The Natrual Way, With A Professional Acupuncture Treatment... Find out more

Member since 2019
1 Marmion AVE, Hillarys, WA, 6025

Click Here To Book Online  Find out more

Member since 2009
Nicki O'Neill
Yangebup, WA, 6164
Purpose Remedial massage Pregnancy massage ...

Remedial Massage - Injury Rehabilitation - Sports Massage - Deep Tissue - Manipulative... Find out more