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Sound Therapy in Upper North Shore

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Member since 2010
Sandra Lee
Lindfield, NSW, 2070

The Holistic Wellness Centre empowers you on your wellness journey through a range of holistic natural therapies... Find out more

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Member since 2015
Jennifer Thomas
Roseville, NSW, 2069

A profound practice from Ancient India. The practice employs specifically tuned singing bowls to promote health and well-being. Find out more

Featured business servicing Upper North Shore

Peter Hess Academy Australia

Peter Hess® Sound Massage Practitioner training programme provides you with practical and theoretical expertise to integrate sound therapy into your existing skills or to forge a new career.

By Peter Hess Academy Australia

Lakshmi Sound Healing Courses

Lakshmi Sound Healing

15 years of professional teaching - singing workshops and sound healing

By Lakshmi Sound Healing

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