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Would you like to channel your creative instincts into improving and enhancing the physical, mental and emotional well-being of others? Enrolling in an art therapy course can give you the formal grounding for a career in the field or provide new skills for an existing role.
Arts therapy uses a range of creative activities, including art, drama, music and dance to help people express themselves and resolve personal issues. Art therapists are employed in a variety of fields, including in schools, government agencies, community services and in private practice.

Art Therapy Course Options

Your study options will ultimately be determined by your career goals and level of interest. If you are looking to acquire art therapy skills for purely personal reasons introductory courses or workshops run over days, weekends or a number of evenings will often suffice. Those looking to establish or advance a career will be better served by art therapy courses at Certificate, Diploma or Degree level. University graduates in psychology looking to specialise in art therapy will often go onto complete a Masters. Another major consideration is the choice between:

  • Campus study: if you are serious about a career in art therapy campus based education will provide you with the necessary qualification to progress in the field.

  • Distance learning: online resources have transformed distance learning with improved access to learning materials, tutors and lecturers. There are also often practical experiential components to distance courses which require attendance at a clinic, class or workshop.

Art Therapy Study Checklist

It is worth researching any art therapy school, college or course prior to enrolling to determine the following:

  • Accreditation: many professional associations will only recognise courses from accredited education providers. Depending on your field it also allows you to offer your clients access to health fund rebates.

  • Career options: ensure that your art therapy course will allow you to pursue your chosen career path.

  • Cost: besides detailing the total outlay required for your art therapy course, student loan schemes such as VET FEE-HELP can help to cover some or all of the initial expense required.

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