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If you believe that the eyes are the "windows of the soul" or at least can tell a story about the health of the body, then iridology will be of interest to you. As a student at an iridology school, you will learn to read and interpret subtle markings and colourings on the irises that may indicate imbalances, toxins and other disorders in the body.

Who Practises Iridology?

An iridologist may practice iridology only. Many iridologists, though, incorporate the knowledge gained from an iridology course provider in another natural therapy modality.Health care professionals who learn iridology include:

  • Doctors

  • Nurses

  • Naturopaths

  • Health food store owners and/or employees

  • Herbalists

  • Homoeopaths

  • Nutritionists

Iridology Course Options

An iridology course provider will offer a number of learning opportunities for students, including:

  • Weekend introductory workshops.

  • 5 day intensive workshops.

  • Online iridology courses.

  • Distant learning.

Often, a student will attend an iridology school out of curiosity and then go on to take more advanced modules, including physical iridology, psychological iridology and finally a practical course to improve their skills as practitioners. Following successful completion of each course, the iridology school will award the student with a certificate of achievement and diploma level studies are available at some iridology colleges.

Choosing an Iridology School

Your iridology course provider should be a Recognised Training Organisation (RTO) in Australia. Membership in a national or international association such as the International Iridology Practitioners Association (IIPA) will also be an indication that the iridology school can provide you with a high level of education.

Browse through some iridology colleges listed in the search links above and compare their prices, course offerings and schedules. Also check to see whether or not all course materials are included in the price. If you are planning on continuing your studies, make sure the course you take can be applied as Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) to your ongoing diploma studies in natural therapies.

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