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Myopractic draws on the knowledge acquired from several disciplines and puts them into practice in a unique form. Developed by Australian Dr. Neil Skilbeck, myopractic is becoming an increasing popular therapeutic modality. If you are interested in chiropractic, the Bowen Technique or another natural musculo-skeletal therapeutic modality, a myopractic course may be perfect for you.

What is Myopractic?

Dr. Neil Skilbeck worked directly with the founder of the Bowen Technique, the late Tom Bowen. Also trained in chiropractic and osteopathy, Dr. Skilbeck went on to develop the system of myopractic. Along with the therapeutic benefits offered by the other modalities, myopractic courses offer students and practitioners other useful tools, including:

  • Diagnostic tools for pinpointing the causes of disorders.

  • Feedback mechanisms to determine that the disorders have been addressed and the desired results achieved.

  • Special therapeutic procedures for treating chronic and/or fixed muscle conditions.

Choosing a Myopractic Course Provider

Like chiropractic or Bowen Therapy, myopractic is a specialised therapy that requires specialised training. Since 1999, the Australian government has recognised myopractic Level IV certification. When looking for a myopractic course provider, make sure the institution is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and offers Level IV certification. This way, after successful completion of your studies, you can legally practice myopractic and qualify for business insurance.

There are usually prerequisite studies that must be completed before undertaking a myopractic course. Many myopractic schools offer these as part of their curriculum and others acknowledge proof of prior learning and experience. A Level IV certificate in musculoskeletal therapy is usually sufficient for acceptance into a myopractic course.

Use our search facility above to find a myopractic course provider in your area. The theoretical coursework can be done via distant study and two year part-time courses are available, so if a myopractic school is not in your immediate area, contact a few course providers directly and work out a suitable schedule.

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