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Studying natural therapies courses online has become increasingly popular as the internet is utilised to enhance the original concept of distance education. This inlcudes a range of features that improve course content, convenience and interactivity.

The focus of online study is very much based around e-learning resources and web-based communication. In fact it compares very favourably with traditional face to face study on many fronts. Many universities and colleges run online courses that can lead to a diploma, degree or advanced diploma qualification. Alternatively there are a huge range of short courses aimed at a more casual audience.  Some courses offer a combination of online and face to face components – termed ‘blended' study.

Online Resources

So what can you expect from studying a course online in terms of resources? Study materials are typically downloaded onto your computer with assignments submitted via the web. Tutors, lecturers and fellow students can be accessed via email, messaging, online chat rooms, discussion boards and course work forums. In this interactive environment you can ask questions, share ideas and get feedback about any aspect of your course. Some institutions will have other resources such as online libraries of reference materials.

Advantages of Online Learning

So why choose to study online? There are a host of reasons, including:

  • Develop new skills: besides learning the content of your chosen course of study online study will help you to master a range of other practical skills. This includes using your own initiative to manage your time and workflow.  
  • Flexibility: online study allows you to study a course or unit from any location at your convenience. If you have other commitments such as work or family, then online course study can be structured around these.
  • Cost effective: most, but not all, online courses will be more accost effective than a traditional classroom-based version. This is because there are lower overheads for education providers. For students it also means no travel or textbook costs.