What is Reiki?

Reiki which is also referred to as "universal life force energy" in Japanese, is usually practised through the speed of light touch or 'laying on hands' on the afflicted areas of the body. Reiki energy is said to be the energy that animates all life. It is a supportive and balancing energy that helps to restore our natural state of balance and well-being. This energy healing has been used for centuries to help heal the mind, body and spirit. It can be used as a complementary therapy or as a standalone treatment. People decide to go to Reiki healers if they are looking to better manage the following issues:

  • Depression
  • Heart disease
  • Nausea
  • Infertility
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic pain
  • Headaches
  • Muscle pain
  • Insomnia
  • Asthma
  • Neurodegenerative diseases
  • Fatigue
  • Fear and phobias
  • Cancer
  • Stress
  • Diabetes

Reiki practitioners in Penrith may join one of the following nationally-recognised professional organisations after they graduate:

  • Reiki Australia
  • Association of Australian Reiki Professionals (AARP)
  • Australian Reiki Connection (ARC)
  • Australasian Usui Reiki Association (AURA)

Reiki Courses in Penrith

Should you study Reiki?

Do you want to learn more about Reiki's therapeutic advantages and how it may help a patient's healing process and general wellbeing?

If this appeals to you as a topic for further study or as a profession, you must consider becoming a Reiki practitioner! Some of the most essential abilities that hiring managers search for when looking for a Reiki practitioner are:

  • Client-centric approach: prioritising the requirements of patients over everything else is a great way to build trust and confidence, especially with long-term patients.
  • Excellent time management and organisational skills: to keep track of your patient's medical histories and take notes during the consultation, since this will help you recall any information about previous treatments.
  • Good problem-solving and attention to detail: with a good understanding of Reiki principles, you can effectively and confidently utilise Reiki techniques.
  • Strong verbal communication skills: the ability to express oneself clearly and effectively is required in order to deliver the treatment plan to patients.

Keep reading to discover more about your Reiki job possibilities in Penrith if you think there's a strong relationship between interpersonal skills and professional goals with those mentioned above.

What are the course and study options for Reiki practitioners in Penrith?

To work as a Reiki healer in Penrith, you must first obtain a Certificate Level I in Reiki from a Reiki school that is nationally accredited by Reiki Australia. This is the bare minimum that all aspiring Reiki practitioners must meet. There are several delivery options in Penrith to match your preferred learning speed and timetable. This includes on-campus, online and blended learning delivery methods.

Industrial professionals with considerable expertise in the field of Reiki either as researchers or practitioners are responsible for teaching these courses. You'll learn about the history, thought and techniques of Reiki healing in your courses. You will also need to complete a practical work component as part of your studies, where you will observe or collaborate with a qualified Reiki practitioner. This will give you the chance to learn more about how to conduct a Reiki session with a client as well as the practical skills to work in the complementary health industry.

Are you ready to commence your career as a Reiki healer in Penrith but don't know where to start?

Natural Therapy Pages has made it simpler for you to pick the Reiki healing program most suited to your needs. At the top of this page, you will find a list of Reiki healing courses in the Penrith area. After deciding on your top choices, you may contact the school directly to discover more about their programs and make an informed selection about your future education plans, including:

  • Study plan
  • Payment options
  • Term dates
  • Tuition fees
  • Study length

What happens after you complete your Reiki course in Penrith?

After you've completed your initial training, you'll be allowed to work as a Reiki healer in NSW or anywhere across Australia. Reiki Australia can also assist you in landing your first employment. Reiki healers in Penrith work in a variety of medical environments, such as a specialised Reiki clinic or a complementary healthcare centre.

You may begin your own independent private practice specializing in Reiki therapy once you've gained some confidence in your ability to practice as a Reiki healer. As a result, you'll be able to have more control over how client consultations are managed and handled, as well as how your business management is run. Listing your face-to-face Reiki sessions or online services on the Natural Therapy Pages website, help drive more traction to your services and leads to new clients.

If you want to expand your knowledge in the field of Reiki, consider taking a Certificate Level II or III in the subject. This will help you in improving your employability, as well as allow you to pursue new academic or research career options.