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If you're interested in holistic health care, then look into the many opportunities available at remedial therapies schools throughout Australia. Whether it's for personal interest or as a career, you can find a remedial therapies course provider that will be perfect for your needs.

What is Remedial Therapy?

The term "remedial therapy" covers a wide range of therapeutic modalities, including these and many more:

  • Remedial massage.

  • Naturopathy.

  • Some remedial therapies colleges include courses in therapies such as crystal therapy, ear candling, acupressure and many other healing techniques.

What are My Study Options

Your study options at remedial therapies schools are as varied as the techniques that are offered:

  • Study a short course online or in person.

  • Earn a practitioner certificate in a therapeutic technique.

  • Earn a diploma in a remedial therapy or therapies.

  • Continue your studies at an accredited remedial therapies college and earn a university degree.

In some cases, such as university studies, prerequisite studies and/or a high school diploma will be required, but because your study options include distant study, online study and assessment and other flexible arrangements, you can take a step-by-step approach to achieve your goals.

How to Choose Between Remedial Therapies Course Providers

First, do a self-assessment of your goals and ambitions:

  • Do you want to learn remedial therapies for personal enrichment or to reach a career goal?

  • Do you want to become a remedial massage therapist, a naturopath or work in a conventional hospital or other health facility?

  • Do you plan on continuing your studies through to a university level?

Your choice of a remedial therapies college will depend upon your answers to these questions.

Getting Started

Scroll to the top of the page and find remedial therapies course providers that can help you achieve your goals. If your goal is to make remedial therapy your career, be sure the school you choose offers accredited courses, the classes you take can be applied to your ongoing studies and your certificate, diploma or degree will be acceptable to your prospective employer.

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