Study: Shiatsu Courses

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A mixture of oriental wisdom and modern science, shiatsu is a gentle form of bodywork that is gaining increased attention in Australia. If you're interested in natural therapies or are a natural health practitioner, a shiatsu course provider may be just what you need to expand your knowledge base or career.

Study Options at Shiatsu Schools

With roots in both massage therapy and traditional oriental medicine, shiatsu course providers can be found at a wide variety of natural therapy, remedial massage and shiatsu colleges as well as some TAFE colleges. Depending on the shiatsu school of your choice, your study options will include:

  • Weekend workshops

  • Day or evening courses

  • One, two or three year part time or full time diploma courses

Some course work is theoretical, but much of it involves hands-on practice. For this reason, accredited shiatsu schools do not offer distant study only programs. However, some modules can be practiced at home and case studies provided for assessment purposes. Discuss these options with your shiatsu course provider before you enroll.

Choosing a Shiatsu School

Learning shiatsu requires a commitment of time and money, so it's important to choose your shiatsu school wisely. Most shiatsu colleges offer free introductory seminars, open days and/or low cost introductory seminars. If you are unable to attend one of these, contact the shiatsu course provider directly and discuss their program with a school counsellor.

Look for a shiatsu school that is a registered training organisation (RTO). Diploma level courses in shiatsu include several related modalities that may include veterinary shiatsu, Zen shiatsu and others. In Australia, most advanced level shiatsu colleges belong to the Shiatsu Therapy Association of Australia (STAA).

What's Next?

Start by searching the directory, via the links at the top of this page. Choose a few different shiatsu course providers and read their course descriptions. Look for these details:

  • Costs and payment options.

  • Accreditation and affiliations.

  • Schedules and locations.

Next, contact the shiatsu college of your choice and speak to them directly. After that, it's just a matter of getting started on a fascinating learning experience.