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In Australia, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) colleges offer courses to an advanced diploma level that allows successful graduates to offer acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicines as professional practitioners. Other Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) schools offer courses in specific aspects of TCM that natural health practitioners can incorporate into their practices or simply learn for their personal enrichment. These are some of the available options.

Study Options at Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Schools

There are a number of disciplines that are related to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Some of these include:

If you are interested in one of these modalities in particular, look for a school listed under that particular category or under the general "Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Schools" category above.

If you are seeking more in-depth knowledge of TCM or want to become a TCM practitioner, there are several options available:

Choosing a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) College

In many Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) schools, a high school diploma is a pre-requisite entry requirement. Some Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) course providers may also recommend or require students to have a practitioner's certificate or diploma in a related discipline such as massage therapy.

When choosing a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) school, look into their course pre-requisites and their teaching credentials. They must be an accredited teaching institution and accredited by governing bodies or associations related to their course offerings. Many schools offer distant learning, part time and weekend study options and in some cases, VET-HELP student loan assistance is available. Check with the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) course providers for more details.

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