What is yoga?

Yoga is the combination of meditation, stretching, breathing and relaxation exercises used to improve self-awareness. This meditation exercise views the mind and body as working in union. Additionally, yoga provides a multitude of benefits for people who regularly engage in this exercise, which includes improved balance, greater flexibility, positive thoughts, building muscle strength and releasing tension. Yoga instructors provide classes that assist a vast range of people who are experiencing:

  • Headaches
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Migraines
  • Asthma
  • Chronic pain
  • Inflammation
  • Insomnia
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Eating disorders

The yoga industry associations available for yoga instructors working in the Central Coast include:

  • Yoga Australia (YA)
  • Australasian Association of Yoga Therapists (AAYT)
  • BKS Iyengar Association of Australia

Yoga Courses in Central Coast

Should you study yoga?

Do you want to pursue a career where you get to help others improve their health and wellbeing? If so, completing a yoga qualification is the perfect first step for you to take in your career. Some of the qualities that you should have to be a yoga teacher in the Central Coast area include:

  • Strong organisational and time management skills since you will be required to run back-to-back classes.
  • A lot of mental and physical stamina as you will be required to be active all day.
  • Strong verbal communication skills during the yoga session since you will need to be able to clearly describe how each of the yoga postures will be done.

If you see an alignment between your passions and interpersonal skills, continue reading to learn more about your course and study options in the Central Coast.

What are the course and study options for yoga instructors on the Central Coast?

If you intend to become a certified yoga instructor in the Central Coast area, you are required to complete a yoga teaching certificate. In this region, there are many different course providers that offer flexible options to suit your preferences and learning pace. This includes on-campus, online or blended learning delivery streams.

Throughout these classes, you will learn about the origins of yoga, physiology, meditation and yoga asana techniques, where these lessons are taught by experienced yoga teachers. Additionally, you will have the chance to gain practical experience through personal coaching from a professionally trained yoga instructor. These theoretical and practical aspects of this course will empower you to succeed as a yoga instructor as well as gain a better understanding of the work that yoga instructors do on a daily basis.

If you are interested in commencing your journey as a yoga instructor, there is a vast range of courses available in the Central Coast available at the top of this page. Once you shortlist your preferred certification courses, you can get in touch with the relevant schools in regards to their term dates, prerequisites and curriculum.

What happens after you complete your yoga course on the Central Coast?

There is no official government department in the Central Coast that regulates the yoga industry. However, it is highly recommended that you register with Yoga Alliance in order to improve your credentials as a yoga instructor. There is a vast range of workplaces that are constantly looking to hire passionate yoga instructors:

  • Rehabilitation centres
  • Community health centres
  • Fitness centres
  • Physical therapy offices
  • Gyms
  • Yoga studios

In addition, some yoga instructors prefer to have greater autonomy over their work. For that reason, they may decide to start their own private practice or yoga studio. This is an attractive option for yoga teachers looking to have a better work-life balance and freedom. Natural Therapy Pages can assist you with this process by helping you find new clients. This includes allowing you to list your yoga services or online yoga classes via the practitioner listing page.

Finally, some yoga instructors in the later stages of their career sometimes decide to pursue further education through enrolling in a diploma certificate course. This allows them to gain a better insight into a wider variety of yoga styles such as: