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Popular suburbs

Spiritual Newcastle

Newcastle, New South Wales

0412 789 837

3 things we need to find a fulfilling and happy life Connection ...Balance ...Harmony...

Hypnotherapy Newcastle by Cameron Hypnotics

Hypnosis Newcastle - Brett Cameron by Cameron Hypnotics

Brett Cameron

Newcastle, New South Wales

0403 335 774

0403 335 774

CAMERON HYPNOTICS IS NOW OPEN at THE JUNCTION. 4 Days a Week * Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy * Weight Loss Hypnotherapy * Stress and Anxiety...

Reea Inspired Transformation

Newcastle, New South Wales


0402 034 080

Intuitive Life Coaching, Soul Readings, Past Life Regression, Quantum Hypnosis Healing Therapy

Laura Lovelock

Newcastle, New South Wales

02 4963 7740

0415 129 147

ADVANCED CRANIO SACRAL THERAPY Somato Emotional Release - Soft Touch Solutions - Aquatic Bodywork

Upcoming Events & Workshops

Gabrielle Bailey - Midlife Mentor

Newcastle, New South Wales


Gabrielle Bailey The Midlife Mentor facilitates Crystal Dreaming and Theta Healing Events & Self Empowerment Workshops. 

Newcastle, New South Wales

02 4940 8803

0421 542 110

Restoring YOUR health


Tracy Lynch Counselling and Hypnotherapy

Tracy Lynch

Newcastle, New South Wales

0401 168 377

0401 168 377

Relationship and Individual Counselling. Gottman Certified. Over 25 years experience working with families, couples and individuals....

Margot Broug - Holistic Counselling for Individuals

Holistic Counselling & Body-Oriented Psychotherapy

Margot Broug

Newcastle, New South Wales

0418 992 181

Margot has over 15 years experience as a Reiki practitioner and Holistic Counsellor. Besides being very relaxing, Reiki is also ideal...

Newcastle, New South Wales


Art Therapy, Men's Health, Women's Health, Workshop

Lisa Mathews

Newcastle, New South Wales


EXPERIENCES~Life~LIVING. Reiki,TFH & vibrational medicine, crystals, essential oils, angel cards and natural therapies...