What is a Family Constellation?

Family constellation is a powerful approach to therapy, which offers an effective solution for familial issues. Attending a family constellation workshop helps a person understand the issues and problems surrounding their family by looking at it in a systematic way. Taking this approach helps them see the patterns in the issues and how they may be connected. 

Family constellations help people understand the role each member of the family plays in relation to each other and what kind of contribution they have towards issues that arise from time to time.

Family constellation in Sydney

How is a Family Constellation Beneficial?

The dynamics of interdependence between family members and the structures we create in our relationships with others are the focus of family constellations. Through this lens, we can recognise and understand that there are issues within families that cannot be viewed independently from one family member alone. Instead, they are a result of the system itself. Family constellation can address a range of issues within families, including:

  • Unsatisfying relationships
  • Behavioural issues in children
  • Financial problems
  • Anger and aggression towards others
  • Low self-esteem
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Chronic health conditions
  • Self sabotaging behaviour

How Much Does a Family Constellation in Sydney Cost?

Family constellations in Sydney cost between $225 and $330. However, you can avail of a package for a discount if you plan on attending more than one session. Many people do family constellations to understand their family dynamics and how they affect their lives, but others join as a representative, standing in for one of the client's family members. A different rate is charged to those who join as representatives. Same goes with a one-on-one family constellation or one performed from a distance.

How Many Family Constellation Facilitators are There in Sydney?

There are many different types of health professionals in Sydney who use family constellation to treat a wide range of mental and physical conditions, including counsellors, psychologists, doctors or nurses. Some practitioners incorporate it into their core practice without necessarily calling themselves family constellation facilitators. It is estimated that more than a thousand health practitioners in Sydney practise family constellation therapy, with more than 70% of those specialising in other forms of complementary therapies.

How Many People in Sydney Use Family Constellations?

Families around the world have been using family constellations for more than three decades, but no statistics are available on how many people in Sydney use it. However, many anecdotal reports indicate its growing popularity in the city thanks to its success in addressing issues that hinder families from being happy, joyful and fulfilled.