What is Past Life Regression Therapy?

Past life regression therapy is a holistic approach to addressing deep-seated health issues that are rooted in a person's experiences from their past lives. Using hypnosis, one may travel back in time, perhaps to their childhood, or a time when their soul was living inside another body, to explore, recover and understand memories from that period that may be affecting their current life.

Past life regression therapy in Sydney

What are the Benefits of Past Life Regression Therapy?

Memories from past lives are stored in the unconscious mind of a person, and these memories are activated by similar situations and may affect their thoughts, feelings and actions. This explains why many of us are caught in unhealthy patterns of behaviour and decision-making. With the help of past life regression therapy, one can resolve a variety of physical, mental, spiritual and emotional issues, including:

  • Phobias
  • Trauma
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Paranoia
  • Chronic pain
  • Relationship problems
  • Addiction
  • Allergies
  • Digestive issues
  • Skin conditions
  • Eating disorders

How Much Does Past Life Regression Therapy in Sydney Cost?

A past life regression therapy session in Sydney typically costs between $300 and $550 and lasts for two to three hours. A major factor in determining the price is the nature of the issue you want to resolve, the amount of time you spend exploring your past lives, and where you plan to receive therapy. Compared to face-to-face therapy sessions, online therapy may cost significantly less. 

How High is the Demand for Practitioners of Past Life Regression Therapy in Sydney?

Past life regression therapy is often performed by psychiatrists and psychologists with extensive experience in hypnosis. Approximately 60% of Australians who hold these professional titles (29% psychiatrists, 33% psychologists) are located in Sydney and other parts of New South Wales, according to data collected from the Job Outlook website.

How Many People in Sydney Use Past Life Regression?

Establishing the number of people in Sydney using past life regression therapy has been a challenge due to insufficient data. However, there are numerous anecdotal reports of how this therapeutic approach has improved many lives not just in the city, but across Australia. Moreover, the prevalence of hypnosis in the country, which is a basis for regression, indicates that past life regression therapy is a widely sought-after healing modality.