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Spiritual Norwood

Norwood, South Australia
i am ... holistic healing
Norwood, SA, 5067

For over 20 years, Olga Kulanowska has been offering a broad range of natural therapies with a holistic approach to healing. Find out more.

NORWOOD, South Australia
Kaylee Maitland

Welcome to Flourish Kinesiology Kinesiology is a complementary therapy using muscle monitoring as ‘biofeedback’ to identify imbalances or stresses on your body – and create CHANGE to counteract the imbalance. Find out more.

Hackney, South Australia
Sabine Whittlesea
Hackney, SA, 5069

Sabine is a fully qualified Polarity Practitioner and Massage Therapist. Find out more.

KENSINGTON PARK, South Australia
Jacqueline Iles

Welcome to Living Ayurveda My aim is to support you in finding the balance and health you want in your life.  Ayurveda can bring you back to yourself! Find out more.

Adelaide, Park Holme & Gawler, South Australia & Australiawide via Skype
Shamarie Flavel
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Shamarie's Body & Mind Therapies offers Energy Readings and Biosenetic Healings. If you’re seeking healing on an energetic level, call Shamarie today! Find out more.

Adelaide, Eastern Suburbs, South Australia
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Learn how to determine the best food, lifestyle & therapy choice through Bio-energy testing and learn how to improve Autism Spectrum Disorders, learning and behaviour by optimising brain function Click here to purchase. Find out more.

Daw Park & Online
Sonya Lee
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Holistic Naturopath Specializing in recurring illness and conditions  Warts, Herpes viruses, ENT (ear, nose & throat), chronic recurring body flare ups I help people who have spend many years, often decades, trying to manage and live with a lingering chronic contition using antibiotics, cortisones, antihistamines, anti-inflamatory medicines, and surgeries, only to find their symptoms return, become worse and their lives becoming constantly subject to their conditions. Find out more.

Kensington Park, Aldgate
Fiona House
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Kahuna Bodywork is a Hawaiian Massage technique offering healing and realignment at a cellular level Call Fiona House to discuss what Kahuna Bodywork can do for you Call now to book your appointment today - 0416 473 163. Find out more.

Highgate, South Australia
Kerry Dalzotto
Highgate, SA, 5063

Kerrys role as a facilitator is to ensure the safe and nurturing environment for all participants.Sensory Healing CircleSacred Chant Circle. Find out more.

Adelaide, South Australia, and with Skype sessions anywhere
Annie O'Grady
Adelaide, SA, 5000

EFT Tapping is an easy stress buster, typically fast, that I can teach you to weave into your daily life -- or that I can help you with, to ease serious problems of any kind You’ll learn to tap on yourself while you briefly focus on whatever emotion, sensation, thought, memory or problem you want to release permanently. Find out more.