What is Theta Healing?

Theta Healing is an energy healing practice that involves using the theta brainwave to connect with the Universe or God in order to accelerate the body's natural healing process. The theta state induces deep relaxation, which is required for meditation just before the alpha state. It is known as the gateway between consciousness and the subconscious mind. By assisting their clients in reaching this brain frequency, practitioners enable them to access their subconscious minds and achieve faster recovery from injury or illness.

What are the Benefits of Theta Healing?

Practitioners of the Theta Healing technique believe that the theta wave is the frequency at which the body heals itself naturally. A healing session may work to alleviate pain and injury, as well as improving mental clarity and emotional resiliency. Other health benefits of Theta Healing include:

  • Relieves symptoms associated with depression, stress and anxiety
  • Promotes restful sleep
  • Reduces back ache and chronic pain
  • Releases trauma
  • Improves energy flow throughout the body
  • Releases negative emotions
  • Aids positive changes during pregnancy
  • Enhances creativity and intuition
  • Aids with digestive issues

How Much Does Theta Healing in Melbourne Cost?

Theta Healing sessions in Melbourne cost between $130 and $300. There are several factors that affect a practitioner's fees, including the length of the healing, the problem you want resolved, and whether it takes place in person or remotely.

How Many Practitioners of Theta Healing are There in Melbourne?

Over the past few years, Melbourne's Theta Healing community has grown significantly as people have become more interested in this energy healing modality and its benefits. The number of practitioners in the city has yet to be determined, but there are currently around 50 of them in holistic clinics and private practices.

How Many People in Melbourne Use Theta Healing?

Several Melbourne residents have used Theta Healing at some point in their lives to address a variety of health issues. It is one of the energy healing modalities that 9% of the survey participants from Victoria, including Melbourne, reported using.