Best Spiritual Healers in Spearwood WA

Clare Milner - Reiki Master

Mind Body Soul Balancing

Spearwood, WA, 6163

Member since 2018

A holistic approach to life! HOW TO BE | HOW TO LIVE | HOW TO LOVE Reiki Ancient Sound Therapy Spiritual Massage Mindful Meditation...

Reiki courses Well-being Fears Realignment Restoring balance Mental health & wellbeing Energy balancing Wellness Holistic healing Holistic health

Rita Randazzo

Reiki & Self-healing

Beaconsfield, WA, 6162

Member since 2018

Learn more about life and find out how you can promote positivity within yourself.

Headaches Fatigue Mantra Hair loss Heart health Cleansing Cellulite Aura Exhaustion Cramps

Robert Coleman

About Transformational Therapy

Fremantle, WA, 6160

Member since 2012

In my private practice over the past 25 years I have created an intuitive inner process called Transformational Therapy which specializes in integrating ancient and modern approaches to healing mind, body and soul. I invite you to explore the many paths to awakening the power and beauty your Higher Self.

Depression Love Purpose Emotional wellbeing Boundaries Subconscious Death Intimacy Transformation Trauma


Shaman of Perth

Fremantle, WA, 6160

Member since 2022

Shaman of Perth offers shamanic healing to those in need of deep energy cleansing and restoration. I am an Advanced Shamanic Practitioner operating in Perth, Western Australia, but offer distance sessions to people all over the world. Shamanic healing can be beneficial following a traumatic event or simply to restore energy and life balance. It will provide the healing and guidance you are most in need of right now to help you on your path, resulting...

Energy Intuitive energy healing Shamanic healing Soul retrieval Removal of intrusions Blockages Emotional blockages Shamanic journeying and soul retrieval Soul work Soul healing

Julia Styles

Quantum Calibration - Fast Transformation In the New Energy

Fremantle, WA, 6160

Member since 2016

Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Breathwork, Theta Healing, Past Life Regression Therapy, Spiritual Healing Online, Theta Healing Online, Reiki Online, Breathwork Online

Akashic records reading Fears Transformational therapy Breathing therapy Transformation Quantum allergy elimination Clearing blocks Depression Overwhelm Trauma

Beverley De La Harpe

Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Time Line Therapist & Extended DISC Consultant

East Fremantle, WA, 6158

Member since 2006

Learn how to utilise the most powerful tool to transform your life — your mind.

Telehealth Self-confidence Feet Hypnotherapist Weight management Values Positivity Anxiety Cancer management Private health

Jacqueline Bell

Soul Mentor, Spiritual Guide & Psychic Medium

Applecross, WA, 6153

Member since 2013

Soul Synchronisation Divine Blueprint Activation Transforming Consciousness  Jacqueline is a Psychic, Medium and Spiritual...

Postnatal depression Tarot reading Mentoring Panic attacks Raynor massage Essential oils Massage therapy Lymphatic system Ageing Natural medicine

Reiki healing & Shaman healing

Energy Healing & Shaman healing, Massage therapists

Applecross, WA, 6153

Member since 2010

Leaving our negative emotions unresolved in our bodies and minds can lead to an inner trauma that manifests in new experiences. Which then creates a mental, spiritual and physical blockade that affects our attitude, decision-making, and overall wellbeing. Lajos can help release all negative energy within you. Call him today! for Energy healing shaman healing

Mind-body healing Healing art Depression Trauma release Anxiety Soul healing Trauma healing Soul retrieval Ancestral healing Energy & vitality

Karen Scott

Karen Scott - International Clairvoyant - Medium

Cockburn Central, WA, 6164

Member since 2017

Phone and Private Readings, Reiki, Intuitive Guidance, Healing and Energy Balance.

Tarot reading Reading Mediumship readings Intuitive reading Online reading Mediumship Psychic development Inner child work Group meditation Angelic reiki


Natural Therapy Holistically Healing Mind Body And Soul

Cockburn Central, WA, 6164

Member since 2021

Is there something preventing you from realising your soul’s full potential? Liny can work with you to reveal and release your fears, emotions, trauma, and mindsets that are preventing you from living your most authentic and wonderful life. moving forward from divorce or troubled relationship with families or stress from stressful work environment Helping new mums and dads free any emotional burden for instant love and happiness Book your appointment...

Burnout Trauma Depression Adults Love Work stress Habits Anxiety Fears Purpose

Nita Schmidt

Natural & Psychic Healing

Cockburn Central, 6164

Member since 2019

Nita will help you to move your SHIT!  It's never to hard, too scary or to late. Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, anger or rage issues? Want to over come weight issues, stop smoking or any other addictions? Living with a toxic partner?        

Love Relationship issues Holistic healing Addiction Anxiety Reading Tapping Stress management Depression Energy

Kaaren Guelfi

Kaaren Guelfi - Healing Services

Salter Point, WA, 6152

Member since 2006

Heal your physical, emotional and spiritual ailments the natural way, when you organise your next professional Healing treatment...

Spirituality Transformation Self-empowerment Purpose Stress management Fears Shamanic healing Memory Personal growth Soul work

Jan Rowe

Lighthouse Healing

Nedlands, WA, 6009

Member since 2012

Jan Rowe is a spiritual healer working with adults, children and babies. She works from Nedlands WA.

Sound healing Aura Relaxation Growth Self-healing Lymphatic system Intuitive energy healing Energy Adults Love

Dr Priscilla Brockman

Healing Divine - Spiritual Healing

Nedlands, WA, 6009

Member since 2012

Opening up to our Guides, Angels and the Divine brings so many blessings to our lives.

Chakras Distance healing Emotional wellbeing Life path Reading Energy Habits F5 Bad habits Cancer management

Enhance Your Life Counselling

Holistic Counsellor

Como, WA, 6152

Member since 2016

You may have years of emotional struggle, have lost your self-esteem or self-confidence because of a tough time, be in a daze and overthinking. Anne can guide you through those difficult times and get you out of those dark places. Be empowered as you take steps toward self-discovery. Book today!

Emotions Well-being Growth Empath Purpose Anxiety Exhaustion Personal growth Love Anger

Louisa White

Louisa White

South Perth area, WA, 6151

Member since 2011

Are you ready to release pain and aches, stress or anxiety? Find peace, calm and energy with a combination of Bowen therapy, Forensic Healing, Energy Healing, Chakra massage and more.

Anxiety Disconnection Phobias Stress management Trauma Depression


Overview - About Us

South Perth, WA, 6151

Member since 2010

Tailor-made sessions to help you when life gets a bit chaotic and you feel overwhelmed and stressed, no matter what the cause or what the issue. Working with Children, Teens, Adults and Pets. SEE THE NOVEMBER SPECIALS

Complementary Bullying Fatigue Distant healing Anxiety Learning difficulties Addiction Pets Family health Stress management

Peter Zapfella

Master Hypnotist, NLP & TimeLine Therapy Master Practitioner

South Perth, WA, 6151

Member since 2005

Hypnotherapy can help you overcome anxiety, increase resilience, improve your immune system, quit smoking, lose weight, and much more. Peter's approach is to deal with the real issues, so you can make the mental and emotional changes needed for positive long-lasting! Make an appointment today!

Collagen Well-being Bronchitis Domestic violence Anger Dementia Death Anxiety Medico Addiction

Sharon van Zuilecom

Shamanic Healing Hypnosis

East Victoria Park, WA, 6101

Member since 2009

"Shamanic Healing Hypnosis" One of the Most Advanced Healing Hypnosis System's on the Planet! Specialising in Complex Traumas, PTSD, Addictions & Relationships All Programs Backed up with a Lifetime Guarantee! Single Sessions Also Available

Cancer management Weight management Emotions Memory Depression Conception Fatigue Purpose Emotional trauma Reading

Healing Energy

Healing Energy - Spiritual Healing

West Perth, WA, 6005

Member since 2004

No matter what type of Spiritual Healing Treatment you're after, we here at Healing Energy are the professionals to call  

Hydration Pets Complementary Public speaking Heavy metals Flexibility Tapping Spiritual growth Clearing blocks Physical injuries

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