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ACE-MBS was born out of a desire to present to Australia a truly authentic approach to Ayurvedic Wisdom built on the foundational principle - That the knowledge of obtaining and maintaining a healthy and happy life through diet and lifestyle is a gift to be shared! As a Training College we pride ourselves in the ability to offer personalised One to One training to ensure each student obtains maximum benefit and knowledge from their studies. This makes training with us a Unique Study Experience, which you will not find offered elsewhere.

ACE-MBS - About Us

Gaye has been working in the health industry for more than twenty years as a practitioner and teacher as well as hosting health retreats and in recent years has been invited to work in healing camps within the Aboriginal community.

Gaye holds an Advanced Diploma in Ayurveda, a certificate in Formulation Making and Sanskrit from Kerala Ayurveda Academy USA, a Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching, 12 months personalised one to one training from a Swami, Yoga training in India, a Diploma of Nutrition, a Diploma of Massage and a Reiki Master Degree, Gaye is also and is currently undertaking extensive studies with Dr David Frawley who is well renowned in the Ayurvedic and Yogic fields.

In 2001 Gaye founded College of Mind, Body and Spirit (the teaching arm of Life In Balance), a place where students could learn at their own pace with a choice of face-to-face or distant education. This opened the way for an Ayurvedic Yoga & Day Spa where clients and students came to experience the pleasures of Ayurvedic health treatments, which led to hosting regular yoga and Ayurvedic retreats in India.

ACE-MBS is currently partnering with Australian College of Eastern Medicine to provide nationally recognised training.

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Limited spots remaining. Enquire now to secure your spot. Click the Button Below ▼

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