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Take your massage services to the next level by offering an advanced range of massage techniques that can either be incorporated into your existing facial and massage protocols or as standalone treatments.

Advanced Massage Package

Course Information

Course Cost: $890

Course Deposit: $267

Course Duration: 18 hours

Must have previous massage experience


  • Hawaiian Massage – 4hours
  • Reflexology – 3hours
  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage – 4hours
  • Thai Massage – 4hours
  • Chinese Acupressure Massage – 3hour


  • OH&S
  • Hygiene
  • Contraindications
  • What are Pressure Points
  • Benefits
  • Energy and Flow
  • Lymphatic System


  • Identifying Pressure Points
  • Applying Pressure
  • Acupressure and Stretching Protocols
  • Massage Protocols
  • Thai Floor and Bed Massage Protocols


Option 1 – Face to Face On-Line Training (Zoom) $669 incl GST – Deposit $200
Your training manual will be sent prior to your practical session. You will be required to answer and return the multiple-choice theory questionnaire, once this has been received, a practical face to face on-line session will take place. To gain your certificate, you must supply a before and after photo along with a recording of you doing the treatment. Please refer to the list “Student to Supply” for what you will need.

Option 2 – Face to Face Class $890 incl GST – Deposit $267
To take place at the academy with a class of no more than 4 people. Products and equipment can be supplied by Adelaide Beauty Academy. If you wish to supply any of these yourself, please let us know asap.

Option 3 – Face to Face 1 on 1 $1219 incl GST – Deposit $366
To take place either at the academy or at an alternate premises. Products and equipment can be supplied by us if the training is to be conducted at the academy only. If training is to take place elsewhere, please refer to the list “Student to Supply” for what you will need.


  • Each Day
  • 6 X large towels
  • 6 X hand towels
  • Massage Oil – Self-Paced and Zoom only


June 2021
Friday 4th-Reflexology – 9:30am
Tuesday 8th-Lymphatic – 9:30am
Friday 11th-Acupressure – 9:30am
Tuesday 15th-Hawaiian – 9:30am 
Friday 25th-Thai – 9:30am

July 2021
Monday 5th-Acupressure – 9:30am
Monday 5th-Reflexology  – 1:30pm
Tuesday 13th-Hawaiian – 9:30am
Wednesday 14th-Lymphatic – 9:30am
Tuesday 20th-Thai – 9:30am

August 2021
Tuesday 10th-Reflexology – 9:30am
Tuesday 10th-Acupressure – 1:30pm
Thursday 19th-Lymphatic – 9:30am
Friday 20th-Hawaiian – 9:30am
Monday 30th-Thai – 9:30am

September 2021 
Wednesday 8th-Reflexology – 9:30am
Friday 10th-Lymphatic – 9:30am
Wednesday 15th-Acupressure – 9:30am
Monday 20th-Hawaiian – 9:30am
Friday 24th-Thai – 9:30am

October 2021
Thursday 14th-Reflexology – 9:30am
Monday 18th-Lymphatic – 9:30am
Wednesday 20th-Thai – 9:30am
Tuesday 26th-Hawaiian – 9:30am
Thursday 28th-Acupressure – 9:30am

November 2021
Friday 5th-Reflexology – 9:30am
Monday 8th-Acupressure – 9:30am
Tuesday 16th-Lymphatic – 9:30am 
Monday 22nd-Thai – 9:30am
Wednesday 24th-Hawaiian – 9:30am

*NOTE – if you require us to supply models for you on the day, there is an extra $10 fee and you will need to contact us no later than 1 week prior to your course commencement. Please include the model fee in your cart if required.

DISCLAIMER – due to circumstances out of our control, models can either cancel at the last minute or not show up. It is recommended that you supply your own reliable models.

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