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Please note: We are accepting Enquiries for the 2021 Intake (HLT52615) Diploma in Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation and (HLT62615) Advanced Diploma Ayurveda.

About Us

About The Australasian Institute of Ayurvedic Studies

RTO No. 31464


The Australasian Institute of Ayurvedic Studies (A.I.A.S) was founded as an educational and promotional Institute, following the traditional Vedic Philosophy of life.

A.I.A.S is a Registered Training Organisation (R.T.O #31464), providing Government recognised qualifications in Ayurveda, with an emphasis on providing a purely Ayurvedic environment for students, in which to learn and serve.

Our training is authentic in that while adhering to the Nationally endorsed training packages delivery in Ayurveda – our Ayurvedic subject matter is derived from the syllabus of the authentic curriculum developed in Indian Universities. 

Why study with The Australasian Institute of Ayurvedic Studies?

‘Authenticity, Quality, Experience and Integrity’. It's all about the quality, depth and integrity of the course. It's all about the teacher and their exeprience.

The A.I.A.S has been delivering in-depth training in Ayurveda for decades in both New Zealand and Australia.

    • You will study a program designed, guided and assessed by Australasia’s senior Ayurvedic Clinician, Dr. S. Ajit B.A.M.S, P.C.A.S (The B.A.M.S degree is the only qualification recognised as bona fide by the Central Council of Indian Medicine).
    • Professor, Dr. Ajit B.A.M.S, P.C.A.S, senior Ayurveda lecturer, has been involved in Ayurveda for 45 years. He has been teaching in New Zealand and Australia for over 20 years. He has served in India as General Secretary of the Indian Ayurveda Ayurveda Association, has worked for Government of India as senior Ayurvedic Medical Doctor for 18 years, received Awards including Hakim Ajmal Khan Global Award for best Ayurvedic Physician 2007, recently been appointed to the steering committee of the International Ayurveda Alliance (established by Government of India department of AYUSH) and appears at National and International Ayurveda Conferences, including ‘World Ayurveda Congress’ Kolkata, December, 2016 and ‘London International Ayurveda Conference’ 2017).
    • The A.I.A.S offers Quality Training outcomes in keeping with the VET (Vocational Education and Training) sectors imperative to provide real, effective, workplace skills and opportunities.
    • You will study authentic Ayurveda in it totality as a holistic science with the requisite theoretical and practical skills.
    • Integrity: You will receive the opportunity to improve and influence your own personal life while studying with AIAS under the guidance of a teacher who believes that one has to fully integrate the principles of Ayurveda into their own life in order to share it with others. You will experience the atmosphere of a Traditional Ayurvedic College in India.
    • Extensive contact hours with a qualified, highly experienced, clinical Ayurvedic Vaidya, Dr. S. Ajit B.A.M.S. This provides ample opportunity to ask questions and understand the concept from first hand information and experience.



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