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NLP Courses
Member since
Jun 2007

Alan Patching and Assoc Pty Ltd College

Contact Name Alan Patching
Mobile 07 5699 9456
Address Isle of Capri QLD 4215
Servicing Areas Isle of Capri, Queensland
Licenced Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP - Training Courses Accredited by Dr. Richard Bandler and the International Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming

Study Certified and SNLP licenced NLP courses!


The following are the certified and SNLP licenced NLP courses available to you through Alan Patching and Associates Pty. Ltd:

  • NLP Practitioner
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • NLP Business Practitioner
  • NLP Master Business Practitioner
  • NLP Education Practitioner
  • NLP Master Education Practitioner
The education related courses are offered in collaboration with the Matrix Essential Training Alliance (META) organisation from the United Kingdom and its principal, Kate Benson, who is international Director of Education for the SNLP.

Content for all other courses is presented below.


Corporate 'in-house' courses are conducted at times to suit the requirements of clients. Public courses will be advertised from time to time and in any case are staged, in addition to advertised courses, at times and dates to meet market demand.

Should you be interested in attending a course, please Send an Enquiry using the buttons above or below and note your interest. We will add you to our register and advise you when the next course will be conducted.


NLP Practitioner Course
    The content of our Licensed NLP Practitioner Certificate course is precisely as defined by the co-founder of NLP - even to the extent that the main course notes are personally written by Dr. Bandler. We will also provide substantial supplementary notes on various NLP techniques etc.

    This course prepares you to effectively use NLP techniques to deal with performance obstacles and to change your own life in ways you want to achieve your goals, and to assist others to overcome the obstacles they face in trying to realise their objectives for a happy, stress free and meaningful life.
NLP Master Practitioner Course
    This course takes the Practitioner skills to a higher plane, and introduces hypnosis into the practitioner's skill set. In other words this course will equip you with the most powerful NLP skills available.

    Of course, the content of this course strictly follows the essential syllabus for Master Practitioner training as defined by NLP co-founder, Dr. Richard Bandler.

    When you undertake this course, you will be provided with a full set of notes, and also (to assist you with post course refinement and further development of your new skills) with a complete home study course in hypnosis, including DVDs and substantial documentation.
NLP Business Practitioner Course
    This course covers the main NLP Practitioner skills (and yes, you do get the full NLP Practitioner course notes) but then helps you develop the skills for specific application into various essential business activities.

    You will experience new and amazingly effective ways of communication and learn skills of influence and persuasion that will take your negotiations to a higher level you never believed possible.

    You will develop means of eliciting (emotional) states in people in particular business and project situations that will give new dimensions to your motivation and leadership abilities.

    You will learn how to identify and enhance internal strategies for problem solving and decision making not only for yourself but also for the people you manage and lead.

    And you will develop presentation skills that are second to none - losing any fear of public speaking as part and parcel of the process!

    SImply put, whether you are in selling and negotiating, management or project leadership, coaching or presenting - in fact, any area of organisational or business life, our NLP Business Practitioner Certificate course will give you skills that will set you apart as a confident leader, motivator, coach/mentor, communicator and influencer.
NLP Master Business Practitioner Course
    This course takes your NLP business skills to the highest level.

    You will learn the power of hypnotic language for writing your marketing material and selling your products and services.

    You will refine your ability to elicit decision making and problem solving strategies and then to take the very best of those strategies and teach them quickly to others using NLP strategy installation techniques.

    And your presentation and communication skills will be taken to the highest levels.

    You will learn all this in addition to many of the skills from the regular NLP Master Practitioner course. In fact you will even learn various hypnosis induction techniques and other skills of hypnosis, particularly in the context of dealing with that arch enemy of business - workplace stress.

    In short, this course has one key objective - to assist you to become the best you can be at what you choose to do for a living.
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Qualification Details

NLP-Hypnotherapy Related Qualifications

Certificate in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy
Certified Hypnotist - NGH (USA)
Certificate in Parts Therapy (USA)
Certificate in Advanced Hypnotherapy-Ericksonian (USA)
Certified Hypnotherapist - The International Hypnosis Association (USA)
Emotional Freedom Technique - Advanced Certificate of Completion
Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (Society of NLP - Richard Bandler certified)
Licensed Trainer (Richard Bandler) of NLP (Society of NLP) - one of only four registered as current in Australia

Business Related Qualifications

Masters Certificate in Project Management (USA)
Fellow of the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors
Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management
Associate of the Institue of Arbitrators and Mediators of Australia
Member of the Australian Institute of Building
Adjunct Professor at University of Technology Sydney (Faculty of Built Environment)