BodyMinded: Sydney Alexander Technique

Greg Holdaway

Terrace 2, Level 1 & 2
82-86 Pacific Hwy
St Leonards NSW 2065

BodyMinded: Sydney Alexander Technique

Indepth study for professional accreditation in Alexander Technique

Professional Teacher Training

NEW - commenced in July 2012

Professional in depth training for people wishing to be Alexander Teachers.

Program accredited by the Australian Society of Alexander Teachers.

Greg Holdaway is Training Director at Sydney Alexander Technique, he has over 30 years experience of studying movement.

Each trainee is individually supported and mentored throughout the in depth teacher training program. The program is rich and varied and will prepare confident and competent Alexander Teachers.

If you are interested in Alexander teacher training please visit the school - give Greg a call 02 8074 0246.


Sydney Alexander Technique
Lucia Walker - international guest teacher, with a studentLearning with laughterAlan Capel working with a studentCathy Madden international guest teacher working on ease while typingGreg say 'move up!'F.M. Alexander - founder of the technique