At Work Yoga Health Retreats

At Work Yoga Health Retreats

Take time out from the city and your routine. Get into good Yoga practices and healthy eating habits, and breathe new vitality into your very being.

About Us

Yoga Health Retreats are a special opportunity to take time out and nurture the whole you. We incorporate yoga, nature walks, healthy foods with touches of luxury and pampering.

Yoga Health Retreats offer a 7 day retreat in Tuscany / Italy, where we detox body & mind, while enjoying the magnificent villa close to Lucca with its magnificent views, as well as nutritious vegetarian foods and cultural excursions.

Weekend retreats offered by Yoga Health Retreats are held in the South East Queensland area – Gold Coast Hinterland and Sunshine Coast Hinterland in two very special locations. A weekend retreat enables you to get out of your daily routine and back in touch with yourself leaving you refreshed and energized.

I look forward to meeting you on a Yoga Health Retreat experience soon!

What we offer

Shaktiprem's Yoga Health Retreats are suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners – they are personal and intimate retreats tailored to suit the students who are there. Numbers are less than 15 students, which allows for personal attention. You will learn the true essence of yogic life-style and practice from an expert in the field, from someone who truly lives yoga.

Our goal is to provide everyone on a retreat with a peak experience of health, relaxation, and inner and outer discovery. For us, yoga is a great vehicle towards this.

On overseas retreats, options also exist for travelling companions not participating in the yoga program.

When we are full of vitality in the present moment, we experience ourselves and the world around us differently.

Who comes on a yoga health retreat?

A majority of participants who join our Yoga Health Retreats are looking for a healthy and rejuvenating break in a great location, and who want to learn how to get into a balanced life at home.

If you are coming by yourself, you will not be alone! We also welcome couples, friends, mother-daughters, fathers-sons and groups on retreats. For this reason, the yoga is optional!

You are welcome on our retreats even if you prefer a bike ride or walk to yoga. We keep the bigger goal in mind - to balance good health and good living, enjoy nature, meet new people, spend quality time with those you love, and ultimately “to experience yourself and the world differently!”

Your Host and Instructor

Shaktiprem Blaschke is a qualified Yoga instructor and teaches authentic Yoga based on the ancient philosophy of Vedanta. She began teaching yoga in 1996 after eight years of yoga study. Since then she has taught in Germany, Italy and India, and in the only government-recognised yoga academy in Australia. The Yoga of Vedanta can be seen as an authentic Yoga, as it is an integral yoga that focuses on being aware of body, breath, mind, and thought. It is appropriate for everybody, no matter what age, body shape, or fitness level.

Before teaching Yoga, Shaktiprem studied Pharmacy in Germany. Since then, she has combined her knowledge of Yoga and Pharmacy with an understanding of the issues of the modern working person to produce a program that relaxes, revitalises, and energises. Yoga has taught Shaktiprem how to be focused and relaxed at the same time, living in balance with body and mind. It is this balance that Shaktiprem can share with you.