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Diploma in Holistic Counselling
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Jan 2008

The Awakening Group College

Contact Name The Awakening Group
Address Australia wide VIC 3000
Servicing Areas Queensland, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne

The Diploma in Holistic Counselling course began in 2008 and supports students to facilitate clients to live their deepest truth, understand their needs and end suffering. The Diploma journey is as much a personal development journey as it is a professional journey as we create counsellors, we don't just teach them!
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Diploma in Holistic Counselling


Study The Diploma in Holistic Counselling

The Diploma is designed to end suffering and for the realisation of ones deepest truth through embodying these dynamic counselling skills in students own lives and in their practices.

This course is for all health practitioners, therapists, counsellors, caring professionals, or persons whose hearts desire is to help others find peace as well as deepen their own personal practice through honesty, responsibility and compassion.

This is a unique opportunity to create independence (self mastery). From this position true healing happens both personally and as a professional. Our holistic approach ensures transformation emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually thus manifesting your vision of life naturally.

The Diploma course is aimed at transforming practitioner’s personal patterns and experience of Self, enabling deeper insights, understanding and experience of the true nature of healing and Self. This enables practitioners to truly facilitate clients personal transformation from the depth of knowing and experiencing the divinity of themselves.

For all health practitioners and therapists, caring professionals, or persons interested in enlightening their experience of life.

Course Details

Study Groups (Online & In class) x 6:

      Questions and Answers


      More exercises and deepening of previous unit taught


      Case Study discussions


    Learning Activities presentations

Peer Group Supervision (Optional and highly recommended practice)

      Provides ongoing peer supervision for case study discussions


      New information and research shared amongst peers


      Personal issues effecting being a counsellor.


      In class as well as webinar sessions are available


      Join the Awakening Group facebook group discussions


      See us on Pinterest and follow our information



      International Institute for Complementary Therapists




      ACA as Professional Development credits


      There is no VET fee help for this course


Study Options

      All units are held in class


      This course is NOT available online. A number of study groups are online via video our webinars


Course Dates

      Brisbane course starts 22nd March 2019


           Melbourne course starts 22nd February 2019


Diploma in Holistic Counselling Course Logistics


Melbourne course starts 22nd February 2019 and Brisbane course starts 22nd March 2019.There are a number of units that can be completed prior to the course starting.


$6995 GST incl., full course cost, $6595 early bird price if paid in full before 1st February 2019 (VIC) 1st March 2019 (QLD). A $350 nonrefundable secures your place. Please note payments are subject to The Awakening Group terms and conditions.


Melbourne: Australian Shiatsu College, 103 Evans St, Brunswick
Brisbane: Bardon Counselling Centre, 151 Boundary Rd, Bardon,

Assessment: Case studies, take home review questions, group presentations, autobiography & unit learning activities, 100 hour placement, audio/video coaching.


  • International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT)
  • Australian Holistic Healers and Counsellors Association (AHHCA) accredited. Essentials to
  • Counselling is Part of a 10 part series that is a nationally accredited training program.


The number of enrolments are limited per year. Deposit secures your place. On enrolment an individual session is made so that we can create the course to suit your needs and career direction, whilst supporting your personal growth.


Diploma in Holistic Counselling Course Content

The Diploma in Holistic Counselling includes


Part I: The Big Picture

      The Big Picture: How Reality is Created


      The Big Picture: How Reality is Created


      Mapping one’s Lifestream: Identifying issues & their point of creation


      Aligning self judgment - Bringing our Projections home


      Moving beyond the past to the present. Being the future.


      How You Manifest: Thought embraced by emotion


      Creating Your Day: Developing Mastery


      Soul communication: Laying the foundations to learning to trust oneself


      Who am I Really beyond the thoughts: Freedom from our neuroses


      Mapping Emotional Addiction


    Direct Experience: Surrendering to the gestalt of feelings, pain and suffering


Part II: Healing the Wounded Healer

      Role of parents in psychological development


      How the psyche recreates to resolve


      Acknowledging unresolved parental needs


      Developing Empathy: Moving from past to future using art and movement therapies


      Internal Archetypes: Connecting with inner child, journeying to recreate a supportive inner reality


      Addressing anger, hurt, fear, obligation, grief, guilt, abandonment, betrayal


      Direct experience: aligning the emotional body- turning anguish into bliss


      Awareness of natural Social masking: Bodies in Space


      Aligning personal issues to experience the peace and truth of self


      Systemic Constellation Principles: Connecting with our lineage


               Bodies in Space: Breathing Levels indicate permission,    

               Social Masks


Part III: Beliefs: The Work of Byron Katie Part I & II

      The Work of Byron Katie –The Great Undoing: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life.


      Time magazine called it: Four Questions to Inner Peace


      “An unquestioned mind is the world of suffering” Byron Katie


      The Work of Byron Katie –The Great Undoing: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life.


      Time magazine called it: Four Questions to Inner Peace


      “An unquestioned mind is the world of suffering” Byron Katie


      Learning and Experiencing the Inquiry


      The New Judge Your Neighbour Worksheet, Judge Your Body Worksheet, One Belief at A Time Worksheet


      The Worksheet


      4 questions and turnarounds


      Literal Listening


      The Gift of Criticism


      Working with Difficult clients - keeping them on track


      Saying "No" or "Yes", who is it you have difficulties with saying it to


      Doing The Work on personal stories of self, the body, relationships, stressful events etc


    Stressful Events: What are our motives?


Part IV: Effectiveness Training: Personal Empowerment

      The Therapeutic Relationship


      Introduction & practice of counselling skills: Learning the helping Skills


      Problem ownership


      12 Roadblocks to Communication


      Active Listening: Lead Ins, Common Mistakes


      Assertiveness skills: I Messages: Declarative, Confrontative, Preventative, Positive


      Win Win Conflict Resolution: Method III Problem Solving


      Feelings and Needs Inventory


      Developing empathy using micro-skills


      Identifying the Issue(s) through Active listening


      Learning to Identify and meet Personal Needs


    Goal setting


Part V: Family/Systemic Constellations: 3 workshops

      Introduction to the Principles of Family Constellation, by Bert Hellinger


      Key components of Family Constellation work: Family History, The Family Soul, Orders of Love, Function of


      Conscience, Belonging, Balance of Giving & Taking, Fate, Those Who Come First come First


      Movements of the Soul


      Developing Open Focus to read the family history in the body


      Family of Origin


      Personal Constellations - Experience being a representative, part of the holding circle and insights


      Experience this phenomenological approach through being a representative


      Somatic Imaging developed by Dr Jane Peterson


    Address issues such as adoption, abuse, illness, belonging and much more


Part VII: Creative Counselling Part I & II

      Creative visualization: a simple and powerful tool reconnecting sub-personalities ie: wise self, sensual self, inner child, sexuality etc.


      Linking Systemic Constellations with Creative Visualization with art therapy, props, figurines and other techniques for one to one sessions


      Working with deep respect for the client and their fate


      Helping in Harmony


      Developing Open Focus to include all signals: words, breath, movements, Soma


      Learn how to create a healing visualization


      Trust yourself as a counselor through:
        Soul Communication Meditation


      Spiritual Cleansing Technique
      Working with Archetypes: Adult/inner child/ Soul/wise selves


      Working with Structural Constellations in relation to Money/Decision making/Life & Death, Heart & Head etc


      Strengthening our Relationship with Life by meeting Death (Structural Constellations)


      Facilitating clients from Secondary movements to a Primary movement


      Interrupted reaching out (IROM) - symptoms, effect of, and working to resolve


    Setting up Structural Constellations: Hands on experience for individual sessions


Part VIII: Love, Sex & Relationships Part I & II

      Initiation of the Senses: Awakening Ones Sensual Self


      Enhancing Intimacy (In to Me See) in relationships


      The Language of the Masculine & Feminine in Relationship & Balancing them within


      Systemic Principles governing relationships


      Psychobioogical approach to relationships: mutuality/ couple bubble: How to stay connected and safe from triggering threat responses in relationships


      Launchings and Landings for couples, Welcome Home Hugs: the work of Stan Tatkin


      Issues arising in relationships and what to be aware of


      Enlivening and learning about sexual energy in the body: Transforming sexual energy into meditation


      Linking systemic work with internal sexual roles and archetypes


      Working with Sexual/Sensual/Feminine/Masculine selves to bring about balance


      Sexual abuse: systemic dynamics, working with to return to innocence


      Relationships including topics such as Marriage, Separation and grief, children, adoption, abortion, miscarriages etc
            Working with sexual energy from a Tantric Perspective
            Working with begining to be aware of a clients unique    Sexual Arousal Sytem including: Sexual Excitation System, Sexual Inhibition System


Part IX: Physically Speaking: Part I & II

      Your Disease is keeping you healthy: Speaking to illness and letting illness speak to you


      Creative Ways of working with illness


      A Holistic Approach to dis-ease with case studies


      Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Stress, Depression


      Biology Becomes Biography: Energy Psychology


      Case studies and working with illnesses


      Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


      Dissolution and Freedom Technique


      Introducing workign with trauma to titrate a client 


      Developing energetic boundaries in relation to trauma


      Resourcing a Client to work with trauma


    Working with Health and Wellbeing using Systemic Constellations


Part X: The Emerging Counsellor Part I & II

      An Eclectic Approach


      Client Questionnaire and Interviewing process, reporting procedures


      Ethics, case management, conflcit of interests


      Who Am I Beyond the Story and Processes?


      Defining Oneself and Intention as a Counsellor


      Transference and Countertransference


      Values and Morals influencing how a counsellor relates to the client


      Boundaries, Dependency (Counsellor and Client), and Counsellor Congruence


      Breaks and Endings


      Ethical Decision Making process


    Please note the order each unit is offered may change



The number of enrolments are limited to only 20 per year - secure your place today!


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