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Effectiveness Training
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The Awakening Group College

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Effective Communication Training with The Awakening Group College. Contact us today for a prospectus

Effective Communication Training

Effective Communication Training


Effectiveness Training (ET) is an intensive, skills-based training that develops interpersonal communication and conflict resolution competencies. Through E.T., you learn, practice, and understand when and how to apply a powerful set of tools that measurably influence peoples' behaviors, habits and beliefs. The result is more productive, efficient and fulfilling workplaces, families, and relationships. ET skills are equally effective for all ages and situations.

Effective Communication Course Start Date


ONLINE: Starts 17 September 2019




Course Cost:


Online 10 part program, Workbook & Certification = $795 GST incl, earlybird (+ $35 for Be Your Best By Linda Adams text book optional). This program is a prerequisite to Instructor Training Workshop

Fundamental skills to enhance your personal and professional effectiveness.

    • Active Listening


    • I Messages


    • Problem Solving


    • Win Win Method


    • 12 Roadblocks to Communication


    • Consulting Skills


    • Effective Communication


    • Conflict Resolution


    • Assertiveness


    • Leadership skills


    • Dealing with Different personalities


    • Values Collision


    • Getting Your Point Across


    • Enhance and Increase Personal Effectiveness


Want More?

    • Discover why both passive and aggressive behaviour invites intimidation.


    • Learn how to deal with aggressive people.


    • Find out how to stand up for yourself, , and enhance your credibility.


    • Manage situations better with people who are "difficult to get on with".


    • Avoid unnecessary aggravations and gain more support and cooperation.


    • Attain new levels of self responsibility.


    • Others gain confidence in you when you communicate openly and directly.


    • Learn how to clean up your mistakes in a way that enhances and strengthens your relationships.


Effective Communication Course Modules




Module 1


    • Exploring Needs & Wants


    • Who Controls Me Life?


    • How I'm Spending My Time?"


    • Relationships Styles


    • The Assertiveness Model


    • My Assertiveness Goals


    • Assertive Messages


    • Risks and Benefits to Disclosure


Module 2


    • Learning Self Disclosure


    • The Behaviour Window


    • Who Owns the problem


    • Declarative I-Messages


    • Positive I-Messages


Module 3


    • Preventing Conflicts


    • Handling Resistance: Shifting Gears


    • Active Listening


    • Empathic Listening


    • Feelings & Needs


    • Saying "Yes" When you want to say "No"


    • The Responsive I-Message


    • Preventive I-Messages


    • Modifying the Environment


Module 4


    • Confronting Effectively


    • You-Messages


    • Effective Confrontation


    • Confrontive I-Messages


    • Real Life Situations


Module 5


    • Handling Anxiety


    • My Anxiety Hierarchy


    • Reducing Anxiety: relaxation


    • Assertive Actions I want to Take?


    • Role Plays


Module 6


    • Resolving Conflicts


    • Identifying Conflicts


    • Identifying the Effects of Power


    • Six Steps of Method III


    • Separating Needs from Solutions


    • What will that do for me?


Module 7


    • Resolving Values Collisions


    • Values Collisions


    • Problem Solving values relations Behaviour


    • Influencers in My Life


    • values Barometer


    • Practice Role Playing


Module 8


    • Effective Helping


    • Roadblocks to Effective Communication


    • Other Owns Problem


    • Helping Characteristics


    • Active Listening process


    • Common Listening Errors


    • Role plays and practice


Module 9


    • Planning for Personal Effectiveness


    • 8 Skills to Be Your Best


    • Hierarchy of Needs


    • identifying Needs


    • Plan steps to Personal Effectiveness


    • Role plays and practice


Module 10


    • Supporting Personal Effectiveness


    • The Concept of Quality Time


    • Skill Review


    • Personal Action Plans


    • Self Appraisal


    • Ways to Support Personal growth


    • Final closing




ETIA course
Prerequisite to Instructor Training (ITW)

ACA: Australian Counselling Association 30 credits for Professional Development

The Effectiveness Training Institute of Australia ETIA Ltd is a not-for-profit, community based professional association of instructors, that is dedicated to making courses in communication and conflict resolution skills available and accessible to all people in Australia. These courses are designed by Dr Thomas Gordon and Linda Adams, of the Gordon Training Institute, promoting the Gordon Model of Communication.


Cate Crombie (QLD) Nationally and ETIA Accredited Instructor and NVC World Renowned Facilitator


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Effectiveness Training