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Soul Embodiment

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Soul Embodiment

Soul Embodiment Psychosomatics

Restore, Revive, Align 

Find your core essence. Heal from the inside out. Fast, Effective and Simple.

Soul Embodiment (previously casa del sole)

About Vicki Delpero

Master Psychosomatic Therapist, Teacher, Soul Embodiment Creator and Mentor, Vicki Delpero discovered as a Midwife/Nurse and Naturopath, the power of mindbody vibrational healing. Understanding when the body and mind are in alignment healing occurs.

"My promise to you: I will guide you, hold space for you and encourage you in a safe, nurturing environment as you release the ties that bind you, discovering and learning to love all of you." Vicki Delpero

Vicki carrys a multitude of modalities in her tool kit - NES wellness System, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Body Talk, Master Art of Feminine Presence Teacher, Neuro Emotional Technique, Emotional Freedom Technique, Reflexology, Triple Reiki Master,  Spiritual Mentor and The Liquid Crystals. Certified in Journey work, Theta, Past Life Therapy, Geobiology Earth Healing.

During 30+ years as a midwife, transformational therapist and trainer I have held space for people from all walks of life and helped them remove the constraints during what can be the most exciting and challenging time of their lives - from birthing new life to birthing themselves. This gathering of knowledge and skill has given me the expertise to create a fast and effective process to stand with you now as you birth into your True Authentic self.  

Soul Embodiment? (SET)is a unique, incredibly FAST and EFFECTIVE technique created through combining EFT, NET and Muscle Testing. Releasing blockages and Issues in the Tissues to set you free from constraints, emotionally and physically. Then you can be fully present, relaxed and calm without emotional reaction. SET works with your body, mind, soul and energetic matrix together to achieve lasting, long-term results. You will learn a new way of being that helps you to thrive in any situation. This is incredibly Simple and Fast! Really Fast! Experience it for your self - Book a private session in person or via Zoom

Soul Embodiment Training
Dive in and immerse yourself in our On-Line  Soul Embodiment Psychosomatic Therapy training

Or Book a Discovery Therapy Session  to see if this for you?

Training info

BA Vocational Education 

• Registered Nurse/ Midwife
• Teaching Diploma of Psychosomatic Therapy
• Teacher Art of Feminine Presence

• Certificates in Nutrition and Herbal Medicine
• Reiki Master/ Journey & Theta Practitioner
• Reflexology Association of Australia (Founding Board Member 1998-2008)
• International Association of Psychosomatic Therapists (Executive Member 2012-2018)

Vicki Delpero


  • Soul Embodiment (Casa del Sole)

    Soul Embodiment (Casa del Sole)

    Everything about you is Unique - your personality, quirks, body type, body language and energy all tell the story of who you truly are. ...

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