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Teacher Training from Australian College of Classical Yoga

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Mount Waverley VIC 3149
  • Certificate of Classical Yoga

    Certificate of Classical Yoga

    Teach the wisdom teachings of Yoga. This course is for anyone so inclined.

  • Certificate of Asana and Anatomy

    Certificate of Asana and Anatomy

    Yoga teacher training in biological anatomy and physiology.

  • Certificate in Shaivite Studies

    Certificate in Shaivite Studies

    Studies in Shaivism and its history

  • Diploma of Classical Yoga

    Diploma of Classical Yoga

    This is a one-year teacher training program that gives the student excellent training in the ability to teach Yoga and also in personal deve...

  • Diploma of Meditation and Mindfulness

    Diploma of Meditation and Mindfulness

    A one year course entailing a thorough study and practice of still-mind meditation and its implications for life and for enlightenment.

  • Diploma of Therapeutic Relaxation

    Diploma of Therapeutic Relaxation

    A one year course, not in Yoga but in the theory and practice of helping others to relinquish stress and worry and ease out tight muscles an...

  • Postgraduate Diploma of Classical Yoga

    Postgraduate Diploma of Classical Yoga

    Consolidate and expand your yoga teaching ability. Course includes deeper level of text study and anatomy, comparative studies in asana, ele...

  • Master of Classical Yoga

    Master of Classical Yoga

    2 years Comparative study of Yoga texts, Meditation, Asana, Physiology. Completion by project and thesis. Potentially train yoga teachers....

  • Associate Teacher of Meditation

    Associate Teacher of Meditation

    Allows you to become an Associate Teacher of Meditation, trained in teaching the ACCY Learn to Meditate program, Eight Steps to Stillness an...

  • Associate Yoga Teacher

    Associate Yoga Teacher

    Training for licence to train Yoga teachers under ACCY name and reputation.

  • Enquiry Process  Facilitator Certificate

    Enquiry Process Facilitator Certificate

    Study methodology, techniques and issues related to the Enquiry Process, and learn how to facilitate groups.