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Australian College of Classical Yoga

Contact Name Robert Baker
Phone 03 9988 1322
Address Level 1
6 The Highway Hwy
Mount Waverley VIC 3149
Servicing Areas Blackburn South

The Australian College of Classical Yoga - Immerse Yourself in Classical Yoga & Meditation

Australian College of Classical Yoga - One-Day Retreat (Immersion Program)

One-Day Retreat (Immersion Program)

What is a Classical Yoga Immersion Program?

This is a full day to give you a good taste of the whole discipline of Classical Yoga. You will learn a lot more about meditation than in a regular class. You will learn about the ancient texts on which Classical Yoga is based, and learn some of the other less common aspects of Yoga, such as dharana, or mind stretching exercises. You will certainly learn the difference between an ordinary mental outlook and an enlightenment-oriented outlook. Along with that, you will get work in asana, to keep the body comfortable during the day.

I dont want to do heaps of physical yoga!

Can people come who are interested in the enlightenment teachings of Classical Yoga but who are not interested at present in the physical work of asana? Or those who can do some hatha yoga but not too much? Yes! There will be alternatives for those who do not wish to work in asana.

What about prospective Teacher Trainees?

This will be an excellent sampler of the Teacher Training course. Although it is not in itself teacher training material, the immersion program will give you a very good insight into the discipline of Classical Yoga. Current Yoga Teachers or Teacher Students are encouraged to take these programs, too. Your understanding of Yoga will increase significantly.

How many Immersion Programs are there?

The programs are all self contained but vary from one to another in focus. Every time you come to one you go away enriched by deeper understanding of self, being and reality.

How much time does it take?

The program starts at 7.30 am concluding at 4.30 pm, and includes complimentary breakfast at 8.30 (BYO lunch). If you do not want to start early at 7.30, you could start at 9.00 for the first session after breakfast.

Where can I attend?

Melbourne Only. Australian College of Classical Yoga.

The day includes:

  • Discussions on feeling good with Swami Shantananda
  • Asana the healthy movements of Yoga
  • Meditation stillness of mind
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