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College of Complementary Medicine
At CCM we offer Full Time and Blended Learning (combined online and face to face) Diploma and Advanced Diploma qualifications in Kinesiology, Mind Body Medicine and Integrative Complementary Medicine.
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About College of Complementary Medicine

College of Complementary Medicine (CCM) is an accredited college with campuses in Sydney and Melbourne. We have been delivering industry accredited and government approved diplomas in complementary medicine and transpersonal therapies since 2001. Designed to impact the larger community positively with a holistic approach to wellness, CCM’s practical and high-quality programmes are delivered and led by an experienced team of mentors.

Our courses offer a unique mix of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge techniques. Learning happens in a supportive environment that allows students to explore and evolve as individuals, while equipping them with the skills necessary for a successful career in a growing industry.

CCM’s high-quality, hands on training has opened-up a variety of career options for its graduates. CCM students are working in many different Community Services organisations, in their own clinics and in integrative clinics with doctors and other health practitioners.

Why Choose the College of Complementary Medicine?

  • Graduate with nationally recognised qualifications: Our courses are nationally recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework and by various industry associations.

  • We have a specific focus on practical skill development. Confidence is developed best through practice - so our courses are hands on with a high proportion of practical training hours.

  • Join a dedicated, focused and passionate community of career focused students. People that study at CCM join a like-minded purpose driven community that has a strong network that supports each other.
  • We have produced hundreds of highly competent and successful practitioners over
    the last 18 years. Our graduates have worked in a diverse number of roles across the community as Kinesiologists, Art Therapists and Counsellors.

  • Flexible study and payment options. We appreciate that our students have busy lives. With CCM you have options to study full-time, part-time, in evening classes, face-to-face or for some courses by distance though our blended learning options. Students have the option to make monthly fee payments through the Ezidebit payments system throughout the duration of the course. Also, CCM is an approved training provider for the company Study Loans. Loans are available through Study Loans, subject to credit approval.

  • One of the fastest growing industries within Australia.

  • Our programs are taught by highly experienced lecturers. Our staff are passionate about teaching and their field of both Complementary Health and Transpersonal Therapies. The majority of our lecturers run successful clinics. Some of them write and teach courses internationally.

  • Access pathways into degree and diploma programs at the Ikon Institute of Australia.

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Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy (52699WA) A CCM Transpersonal Therapy qualification can lead to a rewarding career as an Art Therapist and Counsellor.
Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Therapy (Counselling) 10701NAT A CCM Transpersonal Therapy qualification can lead to a rewarding career as an Art Therapist and Counsellor.

Introducing the College of Complementary Medicine

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