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Kinesiology Foundation Program - Short Course
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Nov 2011

Create Your Reality - College of Kinesiology

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183 Given Tce
Paddington QLD 4061
Servicing Areas Australia Wide

Leading the way in Kinesiology and Energy Medicine, we have crafted a qualification that will enable you to be at the top of your field as a kinesiologist.

Foundation & Diploma level courses available.

Kinesiology Foundation Program - Short Course


A stand-alone Kinesiology program providing a range of diverse skills:- Learn to Muscle Monitor

  • Balance the Body to Food Intolerance

  • Resolve Emotional Stress and Trauma

  • Balance the Body's Structure

  • Balance the Nervous System

  • ......and much more!!

This course forms the beginning of the Diploma of Kinesiology and allows you to receive credits if you decide to go further.

Who can benefit:

  • It is ideal for people looking to help family and friends

  • Health Professionals looking to incorporate Kinesiology into their practice

  • If you want to understand kinesiology more deeply

  • If you want make sure that kinesiology is for you as a profession

The Short Course is non-accredited as a stand alone training, but forms a component of the fully accredited Diploma of Kinesiology HLT52415.

Total Cost:


Qualification Level:

Certificate of Attendance

Average Attendance:

Part Time

Course Duration:

9 Weeks (over 4 Weekends)